01 June 2010


Israel should read THIS book. HERE'S WHY:

link Waving Palestinian flags and placards saying "Disarm Israel" and accusing Israel of "war crimes", the protesters had earlier marched through the capital and stopped outside the prime minister's Downing Street residence and then marched across London to gather near the Israeli embassy which stands in a road blocked off by security gates which were guarded by hundreds of police.
link Thousands of protesters carried Palestinian flags, Iraqi flags, banners and pictures of al-Sadr.

They chanted: "No, no Israel, no, no America, yes, yes Palestine."

Some of the banners were written in English and strongly criticized Isreal's response to the flotilla.
link Thousands of activists gathered in Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon on Monday to lend their voices to the international outcry over Israel’s attack on an aid ship bound for Gaza, which killed at least nine aid workers.
link Several hundred left-wing activists held a demonstration outside the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv on Monday, protesting a raid by IDF troops on the Gaza flotilla that left at least nine foreign activists dead
link About 1,700 people have attended a demonstration in Dublin this evening against the Israeli attack on an aid ship bound for Gaza.

Earlier today, Taoiseach Brian Cowen called for an international inquiry into the attack which left 10 pro-Palestinian activists dead.

Mr Cowen said he believed Israel’s blockade of humanitarian assistance to Gaza was illegal under international law.
link People throughout Turkey staged angry protests Monday in the wake of a deadly Israeli military attack earlier in the day on a flotilla bringing aid to Gaza.
link A demonstration near the Israeli embassy in The Hague was dispersed by riot police when some of the more than 300 protesters began throwing objects at the building.

The demonstration was in protest against the Israeli military operation against a convoy of ships which had sailed from Cyprus with a shipment of aid goods for the Gaza Strip. At least 10 people were killed when Israeli commandos boarded the convoy.
link In Tehran, dozens of angry students pelted the U.N. offices with stones and eggs in protest, burning Israeli flags and chanting, "death to Israel" and "down with U.S." Police blocked them from reaching the building.
link The group left Times Square Monday afternoon and started marching, heading to the United Nations. People marched around holding signs saying "free Gaza" and "Palestinians hunger for justice". and.....SAN FRANCISCO link BOSTON link
link Protest rallies outside the Israeli embassy in Athens are planned later Monday and Tuesday.
link More than 2,000 people took to the streets of Amman Monday to protest Israel's deadly raid on a group of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, dubbed a "heinous crime" by Jordan's information minister. The protesters chanted "Down with Israel," and carried banners that read 'We Will not Surrender' and 'Break Gaza Blockade.' They demanded Jordan shut down the Jewish state's embassy in Amman and expel the Israeli ambassador.
link Dozens of Egyptians protested outside the foreign ministry in Cairo criticizing the Egyptian government holding pictures of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
link Riot police used tear gas to drive back hundreds of protesters demonstrating outside the Israeli Embassy in Paris.
link In neighboring Syria, more than 200 Syrian and Palestinian protesters staged a sit-in before the offices of the United Nations
Ok, tired of pasting links, many more countries including demonstrations in Rome, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus and more than 20 cities in Greece. Israel's is the most hated country in the world and considered a terrorist state ,DON'T BELIEVE ME? Well check out the first result from Google

Congratulations to the Zionist terrorist killing machine!!!!!!