06 June 2010


I have to had it to Israel, they wouldn't know how to tell the truth if their life depended on it, they are the kind of lunatics who would keep telling the lie over and over with the truth staring them in the face. Insane people! Check the lunacy:

link Israel released the names on Sunday of the Turkish passengers (there's the first lie) aboard the Marvi Marmara who it claims have been involved in terror activities.

Among those named was Fatima Mohammadi (31), from Iran,(not turkey) who lives in the US (Again not Turkey) and is active in the group Viva Palestine. Mahmadi tried to bring electronic components into the Gaza Strip, which Israel has forbidden. (what electronic equipment? An Ipad????? Israel bans them you know, they are only used by terrorists)
Here's the maths,Israel's proof:
Viva Palestina+Ipad=Terrorist
More utter insanity and bullshit:
Ken O'Keefe (also not Turkish) was also accused by the IDF of having ties to terror. O'Keefe (41), who holds US and British citizenship, was described by the IDF as an "extreme Israel-hating activist, Hamas activist. (sorry but LOLOLOLOLOLOL an ex-US Marine and Gulf War veteran ) and more comedy:His aim was to reach Gaza for training and to set up commando units for Hamas." (Ken was one of the people on board the first boat to break the siege years ago, Israel hates him)
Read about Ken's "deadly weapons" used in Iraq HERE. So according to Israel anyone who uses their "unarmed body" to shield children is a terrorist using a deadly weapon. You know why ole Ken warranted all those Zionist lies being flung at him? Because he was beaten up at the airport by cowardly IDF wankers.

And he's suing Israel and he retained the proof: And Ken, being Irish and smart, did not wash himself or any of the blood off, so when he arrived home (not in Turkey) safely out of the terrorist state of Israel, he was still covered with dried blood which was the proof of the attack he sustained by the Israeli terrorists.