08 June 2010


Perusing the news on Israel today,so much to choose from, it's like a giant pu pu platter, alas have to pick, so here are my favourites to poke fun at:

Israel decides to investigate itself:
The Israeli military said Tuesday it has set up an internal team of experts to examine last week's deadly commando raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla
Seriously, that’s like Bernie Madoff investigating himself on the 65 BILLION fraud he perpetuated. Much like Israel’s victory celebrations after murdering those flotilla passengers, Bernie is now bragging to his cellmates about how he got his victims.

Oh look:
The United Nations nuclear agency is expected to discuss Israel's nuclear capabilities at its board of governors meeting in the Austrian capital, Vienna. It is the first time since 1991 that Israel's nuclear issue is included in the five-day meeting of the International Atomic Engery Agency (IAEA), which began on Monday.
To which the Zionist’s response will be thus: “Anti-Semites, Anti-Semites, Anti-Semites!!!” as usual. A lunatic country who is not content with having enough hidden nukes to wipe out the entire planet. Oh no, now they want MORE weapons from America, the country Israel also intends to drag into the abyss. Israel wants to get busy again, there are still living and breathing non-Jewish people left surrounding it, quick get more weapons:
Israel is seeking arms and ammunitions in bulk from its close ally America, triggering speculation of a possible outbreak of a military confrontation in the region.
One Question: Why are we in this handbasket and where are we going? Next: Israel is facing the music, and not liking it. Good that musicians respond to what lines their pockets……..money!! And how do they make that money? By appealing to the most popular parts of society and responding to those who buy and support their music. Clearly we are winning this battle.

And speaking of music, Rafah crossing has been open for 8 days now. Pssst, there’s a party going on in Egypt. 5,000 Palestinians crossed though and were heard to be singing THIS:

lastly, I will leave you with this