03 July 2010


Well this is not something you see everyday. Good ole American politics, you have the Democrats, majority up the arse of Israel due to all those nice fat AIPAC donations. And then you have the Republicans, almost 100% up the arse of Israel because they hate Muslims, love Jesus, (and everyone knows you can't love Jesus and love Muslims, so they believe) they also support the slaughter in Iraq, Afghanistan and any other country where they can send their sons and daughters to kill people who are not exactly like they are. But, there is a shifting of the sands apparently. Not all the Pugs are into tea parties evidently there are a few who, despite their war mongering bigoted ways towards all non born again, flag waving neocons, are starting to think about America, instead of Israel. This could spell trouble for the evil rogue state.

Michael Steele, the RNC Chair, is a Republican lite, and now he's under attack from the AIPAC Israeli loving war mongering loonies in his own party. But, other lites are coming to his defense, and starting to question why Republicans have their head so far up the arse of Israel, instead of supporting America first. Good Question! I smell trouble in paradise:
I see the neocons have their "Stand with Israel" group going. I'm not an Israelophobe, but how about a "Stand with America" group instead? These same America-hating neocons are now out to get RNC Chair Michael Steele.

Why are these neocons upset with Steele? He "gaffed". In the political world, a "gaffe" means lurching uncontrollably into the truth.

Perhaps Mr. Steele might be out of touch with the minority of Republican neocons who doth protest too much. However, he is in touch with the majority of Americans. Furthermore, it's rather insulting to watch a bunch of chickenhawks explain how Michael Steele is undermining the troops. Supporting the troops shouldn't be conflated with support for keeping them in harm's way in perpetuity. I can think of nothing better for we disabled veterans than to stop adding to our numbers at once.
sorry, can't bring myself to post the rest of the article as I despise the Pugs, but the point is that even to the Pugs, America comes first, and the more they grasp that their blind support for Israel takes them away from their own country's interest the better. If you have the stomach for the rest of the article it can be found HERE