07 August 2010


From IHH:
Nine survivors of Israeli raid to visit Gaza
Nine activists who were injured in the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara boat have headed for Gaza.

The vehicle convoy set out from Spain and the humanitarian aid volunteers will meet in Egyptian port city al-Arish and cross into Gaza through Rafah border crossing.

The activists were seen to be quite happy about the trip as they said they were excited about visiting Palestine.

Yavuz Dede, deputy head of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, noted the nine activists got the opportunity to go on this trip by winning in a raffle among the 54 who were wounded in the Mavi Marmara incident.

The names of the nine activists are as follow: Alper Mutlu, Ayetullah Tekin, Cevdet Ökenek, Halim Yazıcı, İlyas Yılmaz, İsmail Hakkı Vehapoglu, Mehmet Ali Akdeniz, Mikail Kurt and Canip Tunç.