23 September 2010


Murder apparently is not an act of extremism, neither is piracy….. but condemning them is…..

Cutting off an entire area from the outside world and denying the residents basic human needs is not an act of extremism ….. but attempting to end this blockade is…..

The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded late Wednesday by saying the Human Rights Council had a biased, politicized and extremist approach.

Israel has maintained that its soldiers acted in self-defense when they shot and killed eight Turkish activists and one Turkish-American aboard the Mavi Marmara on May 31. Israel Defense Forces released footage showing its troops coming under attack as they tried to board the boat.

Did anyone expect a different reaction to the Human Rights Council’s report on the Flottila raid?

Israel refused to cooperate with the panel, preferring instead to work with a separate UN group under New Zealand’s former Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer and Colombia’s former President Alvaro Uribe that is also examining the incident but has yet to publish its findings

“Israel is a democratic and law abiding country that carefully observes international law and, when need be, knows how to investigate itself,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

“That is how Israel has always acted, and that is the way in which investigations were conducted following Operation Cast Lead, launched to protect the inhabitants of southern Israel from rockets and terror attacks carried out by Hamas from Gaza,” said the statement.

Full text (unedited) of the UN Report can be found HERE

The paragraphs in parenthesis were taken from THIS AP Report

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