22 May 2009

Israel's "Fake" Rabbi Criminal Returns to Flock

Well well, he learned from the best of the best I would say. Trouble is he decided to turn that abuse towwrds a few of his own, can't do that, bad, bad Fake Rabbi man! Don't you know torture and abuse is only allowed on Arabs and Palestinians? Silly Zionist boy you! And, what is with that surname anyway? Well maybe he suffered abuse for being called a "hen" all his life, yeah, that's the ticket, great defense for his lawyers...........story below:
Brazil is to extradite a fake rabbi to his native Israel, where he faces charges of torturing children, media reported.

Elior Noam Hen, 27,(that's Mister Hen to you!) had been held in Brazil since his arrest in June last year under an Interpol warrant.

His extradition on child torture and abuse charges was authorised on Thursday by Brazil’s supreme court, the Estadao news agency and G1 news website said.

Hen is the leader of a sect who advocated beating, burning and shaking children to modify their behaviour. AFP
Nice wee Zionist eh?