23 June 2009

George Galloway Target of Zionist Attack~AGAIN

Well, the World Order of Nazi Zionists has again targeted George Galloway. Like the Flea Ridden Dogs that they are, they will continue to bite at his ankles as long as they have breath in them. Good for George for speaking the truth and not backing down from the Racist Jihadist Regime of the Rogue State. They filed a complaint with OFCOM regarding his show on PressTV because he called on people to attend a rally against the Holocaust in Gaza. Whilst he may have been “mildly” chastised, what is quite interesting is that OFCOM said this about it;
Making their decision, the media regulator recognized that the issue of Gaza was a “matter of major political controversy” and that Galloway makes no bones about his take on the situation in Gaza, even going so far as to quote the presenter: “I am not impartial on this subject, nor can I be…”

Though, Ofcom did also stipulate that on Galloway’s show on 2 January 2009 he said: “You’re welcome whatever your point of view but you’re especially welcome if you disagree with me…”

Finally concluding that, ‘there was an appropriately wide range of significant views aired on the station and on George Galloway during the period to which these complaints related.
Aside form this, which is basically support for Galloway’s stance and actions, the only “chastise,” if you can even call it that, was this:
However, in encouraging listeners to attend demonstrations with details of dates, times and locations, the programme moved away from legitimate debate and started to campaign on a major matter of controversy resulting in a breach of Rule 5.11.source
Perhaps the Nazi Zionists should pay more attention to what their own bigots say on air. For instance, OFCOM’s response to complaints regarding the UK’s Zionist-mouthpiece from America, Charlie Wolf, who used his show to denigrate, attack and smear Rachel Corrie after she was purposely run over and murdered by the Zionist Racist Israeli Army using an American made army Bulldozer to crush the life out of her:
Charlie Wolf (born Stephen Linskey [1] on 12 April 1959) is a British-based radio talk-show host, disc jockey and neoconservative commentator, originally from Boston, and is currently the Communications Director of Republicans Abroad UK. Wolf was forced to leave talkSPORT by the station's new owners UTV Radio in 2006.

During his talkSPORT show on 4 December 2005, Wolf described Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist who had been killed by an Israeli military bulldozer, as "scum." In its bulletin dated 23 January 2006, Ofcom ruled this comment to be in breach of the "Generally Accepted Standards" section of the Broadcasting Code and stated it was "seriously ill-judged". From WIKI
Check out the EXACT WORDS he used regarding Rachel, then ask yourself why this man is continually on British stations as a talking head commentator on US politics, when #1 He is a member of Republicans Abroad (Which is NEVER mentioned!!), and therefore cannot be counted on for giving an un-biased opinion on US politics when only he is brought on without a US Democrat to counter his propaganda. And #2 After he said such vile remarks about an American Citizen who was clearly murdered:
TalkSPORT accepted that the presenter’s comments were inappropriate. However,in mitigation, it pointed out that he had also expressed compassion for her: “I have a lot of compassion that the poor girl died. What I don’t have compassion for is that she died of her own stupidity.” This was, in the presenter’s view, because she placed herself in danger in what was a war zone. Furthermore, he had allowed a subsequent caller to challenge his comments and put the view that she was a peaceful demonstrator. Nevertheless, the presenter had been told that such intemperate language was not acceptable and he regretted using the word.

We welcome the broadcaster’s comments and the subsequent action it has taken. However, we thought that to use such an extreme term as “scum” to describe the woman was not justified in a discussion focusing on a peaceful demonstration in a war zone and was seriously ill-judged.PDF Ofcom Ruling
All Galloway did was to give the details of a protest against the Gaza Holocaust, whereas Charlie Wolf rejoiced in the death of a young woman and smeared her memory on air. Hmmmmmmmm, the phrase "Glass Houses and stones" comes to mind......

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Our Gorgeous Georgie Galloway eats mangy ill-bred flea-bitten curs like this for breakfast and spits out their bones before moving on to coffee.

There is no insult there. What they object to is the use of the word holocaust being applied to anyone but them. You cannot have a religion of Jewish Holocaust if there is a Palestinian or an Armenian or White Russian Holocaust (all of which you are responsible for) in existence!

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