10 July 2009


Egypt is to burn up all the accumulated aid for Gaza that has sat at the border to rot because Israel won't allow it to be delivered to the people who need it.The way I see it, Israel and Egypt owe every single person who donated money, food, clothing or any type of aid. Some one should take a worldwide class action law suit against the two countries for the cost of the aid they will now destroy! If they can't deliver, they should give the world our money back.
Egyptian authorities on Friday said they planned to destroy a large amount of accumulated humanitarian aid bound for Palestinians in Gaza.

The aid expired at the Al-Ouja border crossing between Israel and Egypt while authorities awaited Israel's permission to transfer it through, they said.

The type of aid being transferred is regulated for certain crossing points, and the one for the expired shipment of 680 kg of peanuts, agricultural pesticides and medicine, was designated through one of the Israeli crossings into Gaza.

However Israel never allowed the aid to enter its country and it expired. Authorities said they would set it ablaze in the city of Al-Sheikh Zayed to dispose of it. source

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Genie said...

Imagine that phony state of Zionism having all this authority on everyone, little effen piranha.

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