06 August 2009

IDF "Child Killing Unit" Speaks Out

Today another former member of the IDF's "Child Killing Unit" speaks out. And again, we see that Israel has a long standing policy of killing children, torturing children, jailing children, and, get this, using "Military Tribunals" to try children aged 16. Witness the sickness of these people:
"You take the kid, you blindfold him, you handcuff him, he's really shaking... Sometimes you cuff his legs too. Sometimes it cuts off the circulation. “

"He doesn't understand a word of what's going on around him. He doesn't know what you're going to do with him. He just knows we are soldiers with guns. That we kill people. Maybe they think we're going to kill him. “

"A lot of the time they're peeing their pants, just sit there peeing their pants, crying. But usually they're very quiet.''
from the BBC: A former Israeli military commander has told the BBC that Palestinian youngsters are routinely ill-treated by Israeli soldiers while in custody, reports the BBC' s Katya Adler from Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Eran Efrati is a former commander in Israel's army. He served in the occupied West Bank. In a discreet park in Jerusalem we meet to discuss allegations that soldiers like him often mistreat Palestinian minors, suspected of throwing stones.

Mr Efrati - who left the army five months ago - says the allegations are true:

''I never arrested anyone younger than nine or 10, but 14, 13, 11 for me, they're still kids. But they're arrested like adults.
"Every soldier who was in the Occupied Territories can tell you the same story. The first months after I left the army I dreamed about kids all the time. Jewish kids. Arab kids. Screaming.

''Maybe [the kid is] blindfolded for him not to see the base and how we're working... But I believe maybe we put the blindfold because we don't want to see his eyes. You don't want him to look at us - you know, beg us to stop, or cry in front of us. It's a lot easier if we don't see his eyes.

''When the kid is sitting there in the base, I didn't do it, but nobody is thinking of him as a kid, you know - if there is someone blindfolded and handcuffed, he's probably done something really bad. It's OK to slap him, it's OK to spit on him, it's OK to kick him sometimes. It doesn't really matter.''
Young Palestinians are mostly arrested for throwing stones at Jewish settlers or Israeli soldiers.

Night-time arrests
At a recent protest, I watched a gang of Palestinian boys darting amongst the olive trees, picking up stones and rocks to throw at the soldiers. Some used sling-shots. Many had a scarf or shawl wrapped round their face to hide their identity. The soldiers responded with tear gas and sound grenades. Sometimes they have used rubber-coated bullets too.

Often after an incident like this, Israeli soldiers raid a West Bank village. Usually in the middle of the night.
The arrests can be brutal. ''Their faces were painted when they came for him. It was frightening. All those soldiers for one boy. They put iron weights on his back in the jeep and beat him all the way to jail. He couldn't get up for a week.''

Mohammad Ballasi's 15-year-old son, also called Mohammad, was arrested by Israeli soldiers for stone-throwing. We met him and his wife just outside an Israeli military base in the West Bank. Palestinian youngsters are tried in military tribunals.

The tribunals regard minors as Palestinians aged 16 or under. In Israel's civil courts minors are young people under the age of 18.
(IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: This is quite stunning, because in actuality, the IDF have a policy of allowing and encouraging, the killing of children aged 12. So what we see, is Israel has a policy of killing 12 year olds, trying children aged 16 and lower in “Military Tribunals” no less!! Yet, for Israeli “children” Israel decides to use the worldwide legal age of 18 for their own. So, in effect Israel has three policies when it comes to Palestinian children. All of them Illegal)
The first time Mohammad's parents saw him since he was arrested two weeks before was at his trial. He pleaded guilty. ''When you're beaten like that, you would confess against your own mother," said Suad Ballasi, choking back tears.

''He's a child. His friends are playing in the street and he is in handcuffs. I couldn't stop crying in court. My heart feels like it's going to explode.'' The human rights organisation Defence for Children International (DCI) has written a report accusing Israel's military of what it describes as the systematic and institutionalised ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children by the Israeli authorities.

Gerard Horton is an international lawyer for DCI. He said Mohammad's Ballasi's story is a familiar one. ''We see these stories again and again. Israel is a signatory to the UN convention against torture. It's also a signatory to the UN convention on the rights of the child - and under customary international law, it's not permissible to mistreat and torture, particularly children, who are obviously more vulnerable than adults."

He told me that Israel arrested 9,000 Palestinians last year. Seven hundred of those were children. Mr Horton says the military tribunals need to process cases quickly. DCI believes the system is designed so that it is in an adult or a child's interest to plead guilty. Gerard Horton says Palestinians tend to end up in jail longer if they try to fight their case.

Mohammad Khawaja had just turned 13 when he was arrested.
''They dragged me from my home by the scruff of the neck. The more I cried the more they choked me," he said.

"My mum was screaming. They pulled me along on my stomach. My knees were bleeding. They beat me with their guns and kicked me all the way to the jeep.
"They cuffed my hands and legs, blind-folded me and left me there for 24 hours. I thought I was going to die.

"Later interrogators wanted me to tell on other people. I wouldn't. They beat me with plastic chairs. They told me to sign a paper written in Hebrew. I don't read or speak it. Because I signed it they put me in jail.''
Israel's military denies any suggestion that the abuse of young Palestinians is routine, but the army says it has to guard against Palestinian children involved in what it describes as "acts of terror".
(e.g. Throwing stones)
Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibowitz is a spokeswoman for Israel's military.
''Even though it's just a stone or just a Molotov cocktail, they're deadly weapons. Doesn't matter who did it - they're deadly weapons," she said.
(So the next time your neighbour’s child throws a stone you have the right to kill him. Let’s see how well that defence works in an American court or anywhere else in the sane world)Please take the time to read about Israels policy on killing children HERE and jailing children HERE, and civilians HERE you WILL be Shocked!


Anonymous said...

People need to appreciate that the jewish people are brainwashed from birth more than any cult, they are terrorised into thinking the world wants to kill them out of jealousy for their "chosen" status - and so they act as if they are at war with the gentiles and arabs, on every level. This philosphy is then "managed" for them throughout their lives. Very few ever break their programming.

The problem lies with those who indoctrinate with the Talmud and that is the truth.

Anonymous said...

with all the wrongdoing of the jews recently, from murdering people in Gaza to selling scammed kidney's taken from indigent people who were coerced into giving them up for handsome profits, no wonder people hate the jews.

most of my life I kind of ignored them, but now, I honestly say, I look at them in the same way I look at dominionist christian bastards....I hope they all die horrible ugly deaths at the hands of people they fucked over someday.

KARMA has a way of catching up. I think the jews are next in the KARMA CHUTE now, with all their skullduggery and their slime festering shekel grubbing.

Anonymous said...

Pertaining to the two previous comments: My question is this. The Jewish religions holy book called the Babylonian Talmud teaches that the Jew takes care of the Jew, Period. All other forms of life on the planet are considered goyim. To be abused in any manner that they see fit. If the Jewish people as a whole cannot acknowledge this hate and remove it from their religion, there will never be peace. The only people in the world that can change this tragic course are the Jewish people themselves. The seeds of anti-semitism lie in their own religion. They need to accept the rest of the World, not deceive it, or they will surely perish with it. What do you think?

brian boru said...

Why are people surprised that these monsters murder Palestinian children? What they are doing in Palestine pales in comparison to what they did in Russia, eastern Europe and Germany. There they murdered scores of MILLIONS of people, often in the most cruel and ferocious manner imaginable. Jews like torturing and killing. They are the masters of hate. This highly evolved parasitic life-form will destroy the planet unless the rest of us, the hated goyim, decide to deal with it permanently.

Anonymous said...

Israel is WRONG, CRIMINAL in what it is doing to Palestinian children. Palestinians are misinformed about what who killed whom in Europe. There HAS to be an answer to this. It CANNOT continue the way it is going. Hatred breeds hatred breeds hatred ad infinitum. Somebody has to call it to a stop. Somebody has to go in to heal the shattered lives and shattered minds that have grown out of this situation - on both sides, and help the people to live in peace. The people on both sides claim to want peace. What if they declared a war and nobody fought?

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