11 November 2009


note:I have updated this post at the end
This is really annoying, as Presstv had a live report on this morning and so far nothing online about this yet. This morning around 10AM Irish Time, they reported that Lloyds of London insured the so called "Arms Boat" that the Zionists said was filled with "weapons" destined for Hezbollah from Iran, via Syria. And a few things are emerging.

1. Lloyds said the boat NEVER docked in Iran . Now I do not know if they (Presstv) were referring to the first "mystery" boat claimed by the Israelis, or the captured "Francop" boat

2. The mysterious "Weapons Cargo" was unloaded by the Israeli's, in Israel, without any of the boat's crew witnessing the unloading. Only the Israeli’s witnessed the unloading. Why? Because there were no weapons, it's an Israeli/US hasbara attempt to take focus off the Goldstone Report and to go after the big three “Iran, Syria and Lebanon”

3. This is an attempt to link Syria, Lebanon and Iran together so Israel and the US can start to place pressure on all three countries, based on a lie.

4. More importantly, Israel (and America) are not happy little bunnies because Hezbollah (who kicked Israel’s arse in the war) are now legally and democratically elected and part of a unity government in Lebanon.

5. And because the US and Israel only recognise Arab dictators, and don’t recognize “Democracy” in Arab states, they now hope to create in Lebanon what was created in Palestine when Hamas was legally and democratically elected.

And let’s not forget that it was the US who “found” the ship and then passed it on to Israel, so that Israel could then make a media fest of the so called “find” see here:
link The Iranian arms ship seized by the Israel Defense Forces was discovered thanks to American activity, the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Friday, quoting Israeli sources.

Earlier this week it was reported that the Iranians had exerted great efforts in an attempt to mislead intelligence officials monitoring the shipment. One of the deceiving moves was to unload the explosives in an Egyptian port and load them on the Francop ship, which was eventually caught.

Egyptian sources at the Damietta Port, the ship's last docking point, said Thursday that it had been loaded with food products and nothing else.
Another “very strange” observation I have had is that there is no reference that I have been able to locate anywhere regarding the so called “first” boat Israel claims exists, what was its name? Where was it from? Where did it go? This is the so called “boat” Israel claims docked in Egypt, then unloaded the arms and re-loaded them onto the Francop. The Francop was the one “captured by Israeli pirates in international waters” and then hijacked to Israel where the supposed weapons were then unloaded for Israel to “show the world”

So what we have here is a “mystery boat” that supposedly came from Iran, then went to Egypt, then transferred the “weapons” to the Francop (note: Egypt says this never happened) and then the Francop is flagged as “suspicious” by Americans, then Israeli pirates hijack the boat, take it to Israel, where ONLY Israelis have access to the boat, and PRESTO, like Magic, Weapons appear for the world to see! So, Anyone who gets Presstv should watch for a repeat of this report regarding Lloyds of London saying the boat never docked in Iran. I’ve been unable to find it online at their site and won’t be online until much later today. So just thought I’d pass this on for now UPDATE I posted this post at 12:20 PM today. I was just going over my stats and found that evidently I am not the only one who has heard about this story and is interested in it. Funnily enough, an Israeli IP has searched on Google the phrase "francop never docked in Iran" and they were taken to my blog using that search via google.


Search Engine Phrase
Francop never docked in iran
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11th November 2009
Also Silver Lining has a good take on this "boat" thing HERE


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Good day IRISH:)



see yaa.

realistic bird said...

New information is emerging to show this was a lie but really it is not worth the hassle. It was talked about a few days ago and soon forgotten because the Israelis wanted to use against the Goldstone report but no one really cared. Frankly, I doubt any weapons ever came to Hizbollah by ships, not really a safe route.



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