25 May 2010


Amazing the odd tactics Israel has attempted in the last two weeks with regards to the Flotilla coming to Gaza. First they threaten the ministers of the various countries, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Sweden, etc. Telling them to call back their dignitaries. Then they suddenly allow some trucks into Gaza with a little humanitarian aid, to which 4 days later they are using as propaganda, telling the world there is no need for the flotilla because Israel allowed "some" aid into Gaza. Next they get creative, and build their own little flotilla of racist bigot boats, that were decorated pleasure boats with insulting signs, then sailed them past the flotilla in protest. I must admit, that one made me laugh. All the while telling the world the flotilla will not be allowed into Gaza, no way, no how.

Then Turkey enters the fray and tells Israel "if they touch the boats there will be reprisals" And just yesterday, Israel suddenly allows some cement and building supplies into Gaza for the FIRST time, but not really to help the people there. Because you see those supplies go directly to UNWRA and can only be used on UNWRA buildings, the ones Israel destroyed on purpose. But none of that small bit of supplies can be used to help rebuild any of the thousands of homes Israel also destroyed on purpose. But they made this move so that they can use the propaganda of allowing a bit of cement into Gaza in light of the Flotilla which has tons of cement which WILL be distributed to help people rebuild homes. And this brings us to today, the latest Israeli plan. To offer Turkey some deal to stop the flotilla. Not to worry, Turkey has told them to p-off. More after this:
link Turkey rejects Israeli deal on Gaza sail. Israel offers to take humanitarian aid into Strip in exchange for calling off of 'Break the Siege' sail

The state propositioned Turkey to transfer its humanitarian aid equipment to Ashdod, from where it would be taken by the UN and international organizations into the Strip, under Israel's supervision.

In exchange for transferring the equipment to Gaza, Israel asked that Turkey call off the sail to the Strip, however the latter rejected the offer.

Major General Eitan Dangot, coordinator of government activities in the (Palestinian) territories, suggested the deal to the Turkish ambassador recently, who said Turkey was not responsible for the sail.
One other thing to note, notice in that article above how Israel is trying to disassociate Turkey from the "blame" of this flotilla, interesting that. My take would be this; Israel is trying to "stroke" Turkey and say it's not your fault this evil flotilla is going to Gaza, just do as we ask and all will be fine. Trouble is, Turkey is one of the main organisers and that involvement comes from high levels within Turkey. But still this is Israel already publicly attempting to separate Turkey out, so that Israel will not create any diplomatic row with Turkey over the Flotilla, which I do find interesting indeed. As it tells me Israel won't go toe to toe with Turkey over this Flotilla, but rather plans to blame everyone else in order to protect whats left of it's diplomatic ties with Turkey in the region. This is very telling. Could it be that with all the enemies Israel has created it is now worried about creating more amongst the ones it still has some shakey ties to? And, if I remember correctly, Egypt came out in support of Turkey recently and was not going to be happy if Israel attacked the Turkish boats. So all of this makes me wonder if Israel will turn back all the boats but let the Turkish one though. Time will tell where this goes, but Israel's actions over this flotilla so far have certainly not been normal for Israel.