20 June 2010


Three Gates Blocked to Israeli Ship NOW @ Oakland Docks; Live Webcam Updates

Update 1 - Now 500 people blocking 3 gates.

Update 2 - Longshoreworkers meeting with arbitrator

Update 3 - Longshore workers going home for the 1st shift.

Comment: The alliance of organizations was much bigger than ANSWER. It included many Palestinian families (what a wonderful Dad's day gift) the Middle East Childrens Alliance, many unions e.g. teachers, various Bay Area left groups, Jewish Voice for Peace, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink etc.. Some oosters have accused ANSWER of anti-semitism or being anti-Jewish; this was not evident this morning. The messaging was focused and monitored; it focused on Israeli policies. There was no anti-semitism or anti-Jewish signs or symbols.

This could be history; a first in the United States; joining actions in many countries.

Just left the Oakland Docks where 300 people are blocking the entrances to two gates into the berth where the Israeli Zim cargo ship is to be unloaded. The action started this morning at 5:30am PST. The longshore workers are scheduled to start their shift at 7:00 and 8:00 am this morning.

When the workers find the way blocked with a labor-community picket they will meet and vote as to whether to cross that picket line. As I left the West Oakland BART station people were continuning to slowly stream in and shuttles were taking people to the picket line. BART will start operating at 8 am.
live updates here if available