22 February 2009

22/02/09 How Low Can Israel Go?

Yesterday I asked the question’ “What do BLOGGER, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, and WIKIPEDIA have in common?” And then went on to explain about Israel’s worldwide online censoring units GIYUS and JIDF. Today I pose a new question; “What do Los Angeles, Netherlands, Mexico, Britain, Sweden, Finland, France and Norway all have in common?” Well, I’ll tell you, they are all targets of Israel’s online propaganda war. Read on…

It would appear that Israel is none too pleased with the millions of people in those above mentioned locations, which came out in protest of Israel’s slaughter in Gaza. Any criticism of Israel comes with an added feature. Your country or state will join the ever growing list of places they focus their “hasbara” on. Yes, you guessed it, they have yet another “distraction” technique. Anything to take your minds off the Israeli War Crimes in Gaza, the 62 UN resolutions they have against them, the international laws broken, the use of DIME and Phosphorous missiles on civilians, all of that.

This new “technique” consists of creating a blog about that country or place, and then talking up all the bad points, or bad news about it. Except in the case of Los Angeles, where Israel does not target the entire USA, only Los Angeles. So, from my perspective, LA must be doing some real good work!! Keep it up guys!!

Check this out:

“What began six months ago as a brazen attempt to counter a perceived anti-Israel slant in the Dutch media has evolved into a network monitoring the media in eight countries across the world. The idea is simple: Beat press bias at its own game by advertising only bad news about one place”


“Over the past months, seven activists from Israel and elsewhere have been exposing online readers to scandalous yet accurate reports from media in Britain (violent drunk teens), France (high homeless mortality), Norway (serial child molesters), Finland (sexual harassment in parliament), Sweden (soaring suicide rates), The Netherlands (menacing Muslim unrest), Mexico (rampaging flood victims) and Los Angeles (drive-by killings).

The seven bad-news activists visit one another's online blogs and have incorporated links referring the dozens of surfers who visit their pages every day to sister-sites. Though they all act out of a desire to counter what they see as media bias against Israel”


“It was around that period the British blogger, who preferred to remain anonymous, joined the Bad News club. John (not his real name), who immigrated to Israel from Britain 12 years ago, heard about Gerstenfeld's pet project at a lecture. "We agreed we could make a very good one on Britain," he recalls. "I realize this can be seen as unpatriotic, but the truth is British society never fully accepted me. I was always a Jew there," says the 69-year-old academic. "You could say I have a chip on my shoulder, even though I love British culture in general." David Silon, a Los Angeles are Jew from birth, runs Bad News from L.A. He says defaming his hometown - which enjoys some degree of glitz in foreign media - is only a means to demonstrate how easily media reports can be manipulated. Appearing patriotic seems to be of little concern to Kenneth Sikorski, a Finnish non-Jew who runs both Bad News from Finland and Bad News from Sweden.”


“Leif Knutsen, 48, who runs Bad News from Norway. "I usually received no response and my letters weren't published." Knutsen, a management consultant whoconverted to Judaism and immigrated from Norway to New Jersey 15 years ago”


“Gerstenfeld would most like to see a bad news blog covering Belgium. "If it faced Israel's difficult position, Belgium would have disappeared long ago," he says. Benezra would especially like to cover the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec.”


So Belgium and an Quebec better look out, you will have a Zionist targeting your country or state next.

If These "bloggers" hate the countries where they live, perhaps they should move back to Israel? Ah, but I digress, Here are the links to their blogs so far, notice they are all on Blogger. I would encourage anyone outraged about Israel’s attempts to censor (see my blog on this) to make a blog of their own to counter these online thugs and evil doers who attempt to “distract” people from the VERY real issues of illegal use of weapons on civilians and the targeting of innocent women and children. Never take your eye off the ball, no matter how hard these propagandists try to distract you. It is only when they succeed that they can win. Stay focused and keep writing and reporting.

I praise these brave countries, and states that made the Israeli “target” list below:

LOS ANGELES http://badnewsfromlosangeles.blogspot.com/
NETHERLANDS http://badnewsfromthenetherlands.blogspot.com/
MEXICO http://badnewsmexico.blogspot.com/
BRITAIN http://badnewsfrombritain.blogspot.com/
SWEDEN http://badnewsfromsweden.blogspot.com/
FINLAND http://badnewsfromfinland.blogspot.com/
FRANCE http://badnewsfromfrance.blogspot.com/
NORWAY http://vyer.typepad.com/badnewsfromnorway/