04 March 2009

04/03/09 Lev Leviev-Next Israeli Prime Minister Lives in England

England has a Zionist cancer living within its borders, and one who proclaims to be working towards becoming the next Prime Minister of Israel, take note.

Today’s post will be about Israeli Billionaire Lev Leviev, he just got pwnd by England today regarding the location of an Embassy.

Embassy snub to Leviev firm
The British embassy in Tel Aviv has decided not to move into a building owned by tycoon Lev Leviev because of his company’s role in settlement construction in the West Bank.

While this is a good thing, England should be very aware of what is perhaps his real goal and reasons for suddenly moving to cold rainy England from sunny warm Israel. But who is Lev Leviev, for those of you who do not know, let me tell you about him.

Last year he was also cut from UNICEF for his support of Israeli Settler activity and funding of said activity.

UNICEF cuts ties to Israeli billionaire Leviev
NEW YORK, June 20 (Reuters) - The U.N. children's fund UNICEF has severed ties with an Israeli billionaire and financial backer due to his suspected involvement in building settlements in the occupied West Bank, UNICEF said on Friday.

Leviev is a Russian born Jew/Zionist who ultimately went to live in Israel, but moved to England in 2007 (more on the England move later)His move to London follows in the footsteps of more high-profile billionaires, including his friend Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club. Leviev makes his billions off of Africa’s diamond mines and has a company called Africa-Israel, and AFI Development ( in England) among others. Aside from making fist loads of money, he does other “charitable” work for the good of mankind, or should I say the good of expanding the boundaries of Israel across the whole of Palestine . But there is more than just this, read on.

From wiki:
Israeli settlements

Leviev is involved in the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Leviev’s Danya Cebus company, a subsidiary of Africa-Israel, subcontracted the construction of Mattityahu East to Shaya Boymelgreen. Danya Cebus is also building part of Har Homa and Maale Adumim .[5] In 1999, Leviev’s company Danya Cebus announced plans to build new homes in the settlement of Ariel[6] Through another subsidiary, LIDAR, Leviev appears to be the sole realtor/developer of the settlement of Zufim.

Leviev’s devotion to settlement construction have drawn protest from outside the Old Bond Street store in his London home, to the Leviev-owned jewelry store in New York City, and has impelled Oxfam to make it clear that Leviev has not donated to the charity.[8][9] UNICEF has also advised Leviev that they will not partner with or accept any contributions from him due to the controversy.[10] In a press release, a spokesperson for Leviev described the protests as “politically motivated” and accused protesters of “deliberately neglect[ing]... extensive humanitarian and philanthropic work, which includes building schools, orphanages, and fostering economic development in communities around the world.”[11] Anti-Defamation League head Abraham Foxman condemned UNICEF’s decision as “selective political discrimination” that “only gives legitimacy to those who would seek to promote a boycott of the State of Israel and its supporters.”

Israeli diamond billionaire Lev Leviev, who immigrated to Israel from Uzbekistan in 1971, has bought the most expensive new property ever sold in Britain -a $70 million home with a bullet-proof front door costing $100,000, British real estate dealers said on Tuesday.

Leviev moved to Hampstead, London, with his wife Olga and their daughter, Ruthie, in 2007. However, as a keen follower of golf, Leviev maintains a house in the beach resort of Ponte Vedra, Florida

Isn’t it just great how we can always count on the ADL to stand up for Israel, all the while ignoring all other forms of racism in America? I wonder how many times they come to the aid of Arab or Muslim groups. Ah but I digress…Leviev’s other work involves an attempt to infiltrate secular Jewish schools in Israel with his views of Judaism. Thus he created a curriculum for grades 1-6 in order to indoctrinate them, despite this being against Education policy.

Diamond magnate Leviev funds religious programs in schools

Lev Leviev, an internationally known real estate and diamonds magnate, paid money to 60 Israeli state schools through his foundation to teach "traditional values and Jewish culture".

The organization - The Leviev Foundation for Jewish Education and Identity -
The religious lessons are provided from grades 1 through 6, and are taught by religious female students at teacher training colleges. The teachers discuss the importance of prayer and the Halakhic view of history

Chairman of the Pedagogical Department of the Education Ministry Professor Anat Zohar, the official in charge of approving state educational curriculum, stated that upon review, the courses offered by Leviev "are not suitable for the state schools system."


But it would appear that his power and money can bypass the Chairman of the Pedagogical Department of the Education Ministry Professor, as his Zionist brainwashing techniques are still being taught, despite a ban in place. Two reports from Haaretz below:

Ultra-Orthodox program taught in schools despite ministry ban

Ultra-Orthodox businessman Lev Leviev is continuing to run an elementary school program to increase Jewish content in the curriculum, even though the Education Ministry decided the program was unfit to be taught in state schools.

A few months ago, the Leviev Foundation presented the ministry with a second version of the program, but it too was rejected

Some 70 schools in Rishon Letzion ,Netanya ,Petah Tikva and Beit Shemesh are running the program. The Leviev Foundation finances the study hours, books and other materials. The lessons are held in the middle of the school day, so all the pupils are obliged to take part in them.

." The Shenhar Report stated that Jewish studies in state schools should be taught with a secular-humanist, rather than theological, approach.

Parents who tried to find out whether the program was authorized for implementation in their children's school had difficulty getting a clear answer.

"Every time I asked, the school evaded the question," a mother from Netanya said. "I was told I was petty and apparently bored. When I insisted, they promised to get it authorized retroactively."

A mother from Rishon Letzion said, "I did not send my children to a state school to have to ask them what exactly they learned in Jewish identity class. It's impertinent of ultra-Orthodox groups to presume to teach us, the secular people, about Jewish tradition, as though we don't know those things. The most infuriating thing is the Education Ministry's incompetence."


And now we see below, it is still being taught despite TWO bans, like I said, power and money=the ability to buy and brainwash the minds of young children in secular Jewish schools. I wonder if he plans on building any schools in England perhaps?

Lev Leviev's religion classes still taught despite two government bans

A religious educational program funded by a billionaire and banned twice by the Education Ministry is still being taught in more than 70 Israeli schools.

The program, called "Zman Masa," or "Journey Time," is paid for by the foundation of Lev Leviev, a Russian-born Israeli real estate and diamond magnate, who says he was horrified by what he calls a lack of religious education in secular Israeli schools.

The Education Ministry's Pedagogical Department said last year that the courses offered by Leviev are unsuitable. The program was later rejected for a second time, due to the fact that the material pushes the ultra-Orthodox stream of Judaism, as opposed to the secular-humanist approach of the state education system.


But it is not just Israel and perhaps England where he wants to spread his teachings, he is also targetting New York as well. See here:

Jewish Charities:

Leviev reportedly donates at least $30 million each year to causes associated with the Hasidic movement. He established a school for his fellow Bukharan Jews in Elmhurst, the Queens Gymnasia. He reportedly has set a goal to make it possible for all Jewish children in New York to go to religious, not public, schools


So, just what are his views of Jews?

'WE need Judaization'

"We're ashamed of what we are," he says. "That's why we feel that we have to get rid of the values of our glorious history and run to learn from other, new nations.

Don't I look to you like a man of the world? Don't I speak to the leading businessmen in the world? And it's no problem that I'm a Jew, and a proud Jew who wears a skullcap everywhere, and that's my symbol and my identity.

There were Jews who told people here [in Russia]: Don't wear a tallit (prayer shawl), don't walk around like Jews, keep quiet. But that's what brings anti-Semitism: when a Jew tries to resemble a goy. When a Jew behaves like what he is - a Jew - a goy begins to respect him, too. When he is not ashamed, then he is respected. I come to eat with very important people in the world, and I say 'only kosher,' and always with a skullcap. I don't recall that my business ever suffered from that."

NOTE- The mega rich can do what they want. His business never suffered because he is worth 6.5 billion and has money, power and influence!! Not because of him being a radical Jew.

More on this:

'WE need Judaization' "Our worldview is mistaken."

We as Jews are obligated to take care of every one of our own, including him. It is written that all of Israel is part of God above, we are part of the Holy One, blessed be he - so for me there's no difference between a Jew in Israel and a Jew abroad.

"That question reflects a mistaken worldview, because the moment a Jew's Jewish soul is poor, of course he won't come to Israel. We want to give him content. My dream is for that to be the job of the Israeli Education Ministry. If not, we have to call it the Ministry of Knowledge. Because there's a big difference between education and knowledge: The moment we don't invest in educating Jewish children according to the roots that were the basis of our education for thousands of years, we are knowledge-givers rather than educators. My vision is that we will live in a Jewish state where 'the Jewish state' won't be written only on the flag, because soon they'll be saying that we have an Arab majority and it won't be nice to write that we're a Jewish state.

He (Leviev) thinks that we are all losing because we don't follow his Jewish path: "Why aren't we in the State of Israel living in peace? Why do we have problems and wars, and all this mess? If we were to live as Jews, according to the Torah, we would be the wealthiest, the most peaceful people, in the safest country," he says.

And why doesn't that happen?

"Because of our behavior, our assimilation, our denial of our Judaism. Every Jew in Israel or in the Diaspora has to know what our roots are, what his ancestors' tradition is, and anyone who thinks otherwise - I say he's simply unfortunate."

"We have become completely confused. We are discussing something that we don't have to discuss - globalization, democratization. We need Judaization.


So as I mentioned earlier, I wonder what his intention is in England. Why he left sunny Israel, to move to cold rainy England. Is it really because of his financial troubles with AFI Development? Or is there an ulterior motive. Perhaps he is beginning his long global campaign to become Prime Minister of Israel, as he recently stated in an interview in the New York Times where he was quoted as saying he wants to be the Israeli Prime Minister by age 60. Given that he is already 55,we wont have to wait too much longer for the new Zionist Prime Minister of Israel.