11 March 2009

AIPAC Strikes Again ~ Organised to Take Freeman Down

Welcome to the United States of Israel, and you thought you elected Obama?

It appears that AIPAC didn’t like Freeman, and has its collective fingerprints all over the takedown. Who controls the President? Not the people, but AIPAC and Israel. Welcome to the United States of Israel, enjoy your stay! Filasteen did a good write up as well, you can read it HERE

”That effort was sparked to a considerable degree by Steve Rosen, a former top AIPAC employee, and there’s plenty of evidence the more right-wing elements of the pro-Israel movement were heavily involved.”

Very reliable sources inform me that Josh Block, an AIPAC spokesperson, contacted bloggers and journalists expressing concern about Freeman. That is probably what Freeman referred to when he mentioned “easily traceable e-mails” in the announcement that he was giving up the fight.

More on the involvement of AIPAC in Presidential politics:
“You get to dictate to a president who he can and cannot appoint to his own intelligence staff.

The article continues on the reasons AIPAC went after Freeman

This was not a Senate-confirmation issue. And it was not because of some financial or tax issue. It was because of what he believed. And a president is simply not allowed to have that kind of diversity of view in his administration.


Earlier today I wrote an entry HERE on an alternative Israeli lobby group that just began last year called “J Street” They are pro-peace and believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations, not war. They want to take American Politics to the left where Israel is concerned, away from the clutches of AIPAC’s Zionist Neocon agenda. I suggest people get behind them immediately.