30 March 2009

BOYCOTT~ Illegal Settler Avocado Goes to Jail

I just love how they reported this.

Londoners lock up criminal Israeli goods in Tesco on Sunday 29 March!

Pictured below is a convicted Illegal Settler Avocado~LOCK IT UP!

Sunday 29 March 2009, Londoners converged towards Tesco supermarkets in West London in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Avocadoes, pomellos, cherry tomatoes, herbs and dates grown in Israel and on illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank were trapped in baskets and trolleys in order to disrupt the sale of such produce and symbolise the need for clear international action against illegal Israeli settlements and Israeli war crimes in the region. Leaflets were placed on the empty shelves explaining the role of Israeli goods in funding Israeli settler colonialism and state violence.

Tesco, and most supermarkets in Britain, stock and sell Israeli goods including produce from illegal Israeli settlements implanted in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Some of this settlement product is misleadingly labelled 'West Bank' leading many customers to believe they are buying Palestinian produce, while some is labelled 'made in Israel' even though the settlements are clearly colonial entities outside of Israel's internationally recognized borders.

The event was timed to mark Yom el Ard, the yearly celebration of the Palestinian civil rights movement, as well as the global day for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions ( http://www.alternativenews.org/content/view/1668/381/, http://bdsmovement.net/?q=node/351, http://www.alternativenews.org/content/view/1615/1/)

In recent months, the global pressure for Israel to end its violence against Palestinians has been increasingly felt inside Israel.( http://www.alternativenews.org/content/view/1605/110/)

I say lock em all up and throw away the key! Keep hitting Israel in the wallet where it will hurt! Boycott anything with a bar code that begins with 729 or anything grwon in the West Bank on illegal land.