09 March 2009


Live images from the Rafah crossing, huge gathering of people, beginning to clap, the first group has crossed over, Palestinian flags waving, hundreds of them, each group of the convoy consists of about 20 people, so far 20 are inside being greeted. Huge number of small Palestinian flags being waved by people gathered at the border.

A number of Palestinian officials also there. Just said it is the Libyan part of the convoy crossing into Gaza now, the British section not over border yet, stay tuned. Glasgow Scottish section arriving now at border, not inside yet

Just announced that all toys for the children were taken by the Egyptians, what a disgrace!!!! Looks like Israel controls not only America, but now Egypt as well! Imagine, stealing the toys for the children!! Not hard to imagine why Israel is the most hated country in the world today. No reason for this type of behaviour, toys are not weapons. However, they Israelis want to continue to see the children of Gaza suffer, but stripping any joy from their lives.