27 March 2009

Israeli Army Removes "ONE" Soldier for Shooting Palestinian Woman

Israel throws out a breadcrumb to the world as proof it is “moral”

Oh surly this is a joke, if not then it’s a huge insult. The Israeli Army (IDF) removes a soldier who accidentally shot a Palestinian woman in the leg. Now, let’s be serious here, of all the horrendous war crimes committed they put forth this nonsense. A woman who was not killed, but shot in the leg as proof of their ability to “police” themselves? Morons!

What about the hundreds of innocent civilians, children, white phosphorus, DIME missiles, targeting of UN facilities, schools and hospitals, ambulance drivers, medics. The hording of families into one area then shelling them to death??

What an insult to think this somehow placates people or proves the IDF are a “moral” army, or Israel a “moral” state. Article below from the BBC.

Israel army punishes Gaza soldier

An Israeli soldier has been removed from combat after he shot a Gazan woman in the leg "by mistake" during the recent offensive, the military says.

The soldiers were firing in the air and urging a group of Palestinians who looked "suspicious" at the time, the military said. It appears to be the first officially confirmed case of disciplinary action over troops' actions in the conflict.

The Israeli forces' conduct has been heavily criticised. A statement from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said there had been a warning of a suicide attacker in the area where the incident occurred.

(Yeah there is always some lame excuse, but as we have seen on the IDF's very own printed t-shirts, they view all Palestinians as targets! Men, pregnant women and even children!)

Correspondents say the case is a relatively minor one in comparison to some of the allegations that have been levelled at Israeli forces - that they shot at civilians carrying white flags, used heavy firepower and white phosphorous indiscriminately, and failed to allow evacuations of wounded civilians.

'Relaxed rules of engagement'

The punishment comes a week after several soldiers were quoted anonymously in the media saying troops had killed Palestinians, including women and children, by hastily opening fire under relaxed rules of engagement in Gaza.

Few of the officers who fought in Gaza have come forward to answer such charges, partly because they fear being identified and being arrested if they travel abroad.

(Yes, what a shame, International Law can be a real B.I.T.C.H. for Criminals)

"We don't have even one incident in that we killed or harmed uninvolved civilians in the street," said Commander Herzi, whose full name cannot be given because of Israeli military censorship.


He said the soldiers entered "thousands" of homes in Gaza. "Almost in every house we found rifles, grenades, RPGs (rocket propelled grenades)," he said.
They also saw Hamas militants moving from house to house carrying white flags to pose as civilians, he added.

(Here come the lies, but the world no longer buy Israeli hasbara techniques. Yes, we all believe like the IDF that every single home in Gaza is inhabited by “terrorists” and members of Hamas, laughable!)

He blamed Hamas for exposing civilians to danger by using civilian institutions for cover:

(Oh this one has already been used ad nauseum, think of a new one, it’s not working! Hospitals, URWRA and UN facilities, all were “terrorist” areas, Puhleeeese!!)

The IDF say 1,166 Palestinians were killed during the conflict, of whom 709 were "terror operatives". A Palestinian rights group says the toll was 1,434, including 960 civilians, 235 fighters and 239 uniformed police.

(What rubbish, we knew this was coming, Israel disputing the number of murders they committed in Gaza. Sorry, won't work this time. The world has now seen for themselves, this despite Israel's attempts to censor the news from Gaza.)

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Anonymous said...

it's so stupid that they blame Hamas for civilian deaths cuz they're using mosques and schools as military compounds! if they know they are there and that's the reason for civilian deaths, than DON'T ATTACK. what idiots!

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