27 March 2009

Israel Refuses to Give Information on Cluster Bombs in Lebanon~ AGAIN

UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon calls for Israel to provide detailed maps of the location of cluster bombs in Lebanon. Israel has been asked to provide this information on numerous occasions and has failed to provide it.

Williams: Israel Should Provide Maps Regarding Cluster Bombs

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said that Israel has to provide detailed maps indicating the location of cluster bombs in south Lebanon. He pointed that the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) have requested from Israel to provide such detailed maps more than once. He added that United Nations Security Council resolution 1701 has not been fully implemented.

Following a tour of the southern city of Tyre on Friday in which he met with the city's municipal head and members, Williams said the U.N. has continuously worked on cleansing the south of land mines and cluster bombs.

"Work must continue, and Israel must provide maps showing the location of such bombs. The U.N. and the UNIFIL have called on Israel more than once to make these maps available," Williams said.

He expressed his relief that Lebanon is enjoying calm adding: "there is a lot of work ahead that we have to do, particularly in returning the Ghajjar village and the Shebaa Farms (back to Lebanon)…ending the violation of Lebanese airspace that occurs daily."

"This issue is always on our mind and under discussion, we are working with our colleagues at the U.N. to satisfy (Palestinian) needs without ignoring the greater goal of establishing the Palestinian state," Williams said after being briefed by Lebanese officials on the Palestinians' suffering.