10 March 2009

More on Egyptian Attacks on VIVA PALESTINA Convoy

Two things to blog this morning. Firstly, George Galloway made an absolutely incredible speech this morning in Gaza square. After a good nights rest in the land of Heroes, with freedom now from attacks on them by Egyptian puppets for Israel. George is back to his old eloquent self and this morning’s speech was exceptional indeed. I recorded it and will work on posting the best bits on this blog today. It’s quite long so will take a wee while.

In other news, yesterday I spoke about the attacks on the convoy in Egypt when I live blogged the events of the convoy. During these attacks, the convoy was held behind barricades, like sitting ducks, by the Egyptian police in their hundreds, decked out in riot gear with batons. Every so many minutes the electricity would be suddenly cut off, with total darkness for cover, at which point "unknown" groups would pass through the police line to attack the convoy vehicles and its members.

All along the convoy’s route to Gaza, there was a PRESS TV van accompanying the convoy, covering the news events and progress of the convoy, carrying out interviews and televising the convoy as it made it’s way to Gaza. During this planned attack of the convoy, the PRESS TV van and its equipment was also targeted in order to stop it from broadcasting about the convoy. In other words, we have a blatant attempt to “censor” news from reaching the public once again.

We all know about Israel’s attempts at controlling news it does not like, as well as its online censorship gangs.

But it now appears that Egypt has become a willing assistant of Israeli censorship. Or worse an agent for Israel. A report of the attacks from PRESS TV is below:

Assailants linked to Egypt's security agency have attacked 'Viva Palestina' aid convoy, damaging Press TV's Satellite News Gathering truck.

Clashes reached a peak on Sunday evening when unidentified assailants armed with stone and clubs attacked the convoy in the presence of the Egyptian police.

Two convoy members were injured and several vehicles, including Press TV's SNG truck were damaged in the attack.

Egyptian officials also tried to prevent the news coverage of the humanitarian journey by Press TV team. Informed sources revealed that the assailants had links to the Egyptian security agency.

Egyptian authorities in al-Arish insisted that only medical supplies could cross through the Rafah crossing and other supplies must enter Gaza through Israeli-controlled border points.