16 March 2009

Obama~Putting the Screws on Israel?

Scathing reports in haaretz and at the American Enterprise Institute where John Bolton attacks and smears the Obama Administration, for what he perceives will be undue pressure on Israel to make peace. I must say I find the timing of this article to be possibly important. I say this because it comes on the heels of the American Jewish lobby (working for Israel) running the smear campaign to take down Freeman last week.

My take on these articles:

This could be the beginning of another campaign like we all saw with Freeman last week. Bolton is pro-Israel and may be starting to stir the pot to get another smear and fear campaign going, this time against Obama on his Middle East Peace Process policies.

After AIPPAC and Israel’s flying monkeys came full force into Obama’s presidency, destroying any chance for Freeman to be appointed, perhaps the Obama administrating is now fed up with Israel telling them what to do. It just could be that Obama has had enough of being pushed around by Israel and its lobby groups after what he witnessed with Freeman. Perhaps Obama is going to put the screws to Israel and force them to make peace and give land back. Maybe Obama made sure Bolton got wind of just what Obama’s Middle East policy will be. Knowing full well and good that (Bolton) and Israel won’t like it. Perhaps this is Obama’s way flexing his muscle and of showing them who is going to be in charge. Hence, John Bolton (BFF to Israel) came out swinging at the Obama Administration for what he claims will be undue pressure on Israel, with little pressure on Hamas and diplomatic relations with Iran.

If this is the real reason Bolton is going all postal in the media, soon we will see more of these American Israeli Agents like Bolton coming out of the woodwork like rats. Which, would surely be a GOOD sign as we would then have some idea of how strongly Obama plans to focus on making Israel move. So, if we see more rats jumping on board the Bolton ship, then we will have an answer. And given Israel’s strangle hold on American politics; there are quite a lot of rats left to go. Time will tell. I am including two reports on this, first from Haaretz and secondly Bolton’s long writings in the New York Post, taken from the American Enterprise Institute (Where Bolton is a Senior Fellow :

Ex-U.S. envoy to UN: Obama policy 'bad news for Israel'

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Friday that the Obama administration's fixation on resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as a means of achieving peace and stability in the Middle East is "bad news for Israel, and for America."

John Bolton said that the pressure that the U.S. administration will exert in efforts to resolve the crisis, will be turned with force against Israel, being a U.S. ally.

"Almost invariably, Israel is the loser - because Israel is the party most dependent on the United States, most subject to U.S. pressure and most susceptible to the inevitable chorus of received wisdom from Western diplomats, media and the intelligentsia demanding concessions.

The American diplomat criticized the U.S. administration's intention to apply the bulk of the pressure to Israel, saying "Why would America subject a close ally to this dynamic, playing with the security of an unvarying supporter in world affairs?" Bolton offers his answer, that "the Obama administration believes that Israel is as much or more of a problem as it is an ally, at least until Israel's disagreements with its neighbors are resolved."

Bolton concluded his article with an accusation that the U.S. administration is "pressuring Israel while wooing Iran, and urging the president to focus its pressure on "Iran and the manifold threats it poses to Israel, Arab states friendly to Washington and the United States itself."

Now from the American Enterprise Institute:

Team Obama's Anti-Israel Turn

The Obama administration is increasingly fixed on resolving the "Arab-Israeli dispute," seeing it as the key to peace and stability in the Middle East. This is bad news for Israel--and for America.

Pursuing this talisman has long characterized many European leaders and their soulmates on the American left. The Mideast "peace process" is thus the ultimate self-licking ice cream cone--its mere existence being its basic justification.

And now the Obama administration has made it US policy. This is evidenced by two key developments: the appointment of former Sen. George Mitchell as special envoy for the region, and Secretary of State Hillary's Clinton's recent insistence on a "two-state solution" sooner rather than later.

Naming Mitchell as a high-level, single-issue envoy--rather than keeping the portfolio under Secretary Clinton's personal control--separates Israel from the broader conduct of US diplomacy. Mitchell's role underlines both the issue's priority in the president's eyes and the implicit idea it can be solved in the foreseeable future.

Obama and Mitchell have every incentive to strike a Middle East deal--both to vindicate themselves and, in their minds, to create a basis for further "progress." But there are few visible incentives for any particular substantive outcome--which is very troubling for Israel

Here, Clinton's strident insistence on a "two-state solution" during her recent Mideast trip becomes important. She essentially argued predestination: the "inevitability" of moving toward two states is "inescapable," and "there is no time to waste." The political consequence is clear: Since the outcome is inevitable and time is short, there is no excuse for not making "progress." Delay is evidence of obstructionism and failure--something President Obama can't tolerate, for the sake of his policies and his political reputation.

In this very European view, failure on the Arab-Israeli front presages failure elsewhere. Accordingly, the Obama adminstration has created a negotiating dynamic that puts increasing pressure on Israel, Palestinians, Syria and others.
Almost invariably, Israel is the loser

Interesting stuff indeed. How can forcing Israel to make peace be "bad" for America? This is mumbo jumbo talk as Israel is the major problem causing America to be hated in the world today. It looks as though Obama is going to force the issue of Middle East peace. Where Israel ahs had free rein for 8 years now, they won’t have the same freedom with Obama as they did with Bush. And they are starting to see this. All of these upcoming attacks we will begin to see, are proof that Obama is making Israel uncomfortable, which, is a good thing.


atheo said...

I wouldn't get carried away with any "hope" regarding Obama's M.E. posture. The most "change" you will get will be strictly rhetoric.

An interesting perspective was posted at Payvand:

How can a pro-Israel solution also be a pro-Palestine solution?
By Debbie Menon


Anonymous said...

If you don't want a dictatorship inside the STATE within a state, you must stand up NOW and push back against AIPAC!!!!!

Make them know there will be total Revolution if they dare make anymore moves, we will go to WAR AGAINST THEM and the SECULAR FASCIST STATE in THE US OF AIPAC if they do any further threats & tyrannical tactics!!!!


BanSidhe said...

HI Atheo, sorry for dealy in posting your comment. If you are in the USA we are five hours ahead of US east coast time over here LOL So I was most likely away to my bed when you wrote it:) I trust Obama about as far as I can throw him and the Whitehouse. However, he has one weak spot, his ego. It's huge, he sees himself as someone great and will do all he can to make himself BE great in history. Additonally he has the pressure of being the first black POTUS. Those two things combined could be dealy for Israel if he feels Israel's agents are controlling too much of his "history making" plans. This is wy I wonder how far Obama (and the progressive left who elected him) will allow israeli's agents to push him. We will have to see how this shakes out. Like yourself, I dont hold out much hope really, but would like to be proved wrong in thsi one:) cheers and thanks for the good link

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