29 March 2009

Ooooops!! Another Crooked Arms Deal~Israel & India

Haaretz are reporting on this "interesting" arms deal Israel made with India in february. It seems that there is just a wee bit too much of "I'll scratch your back, and you scratch mine"

Media allege corruption in massive Israel-India arms deal

Allegations of possible illegalities in a massive arms deal between Israel and India have surfaced over the weekend in the Indian media. The size of the deal between the Indian Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries, estimated at $1.5 billion, had grown to allow for the payment of commissions, which is illegal in India, said the press there.

The deal in question, signed in late February between Israel Aerospace Industries and the Indian Defense Ministry, is for the delivery of 2,000 Barak Mark VIII missiles, which were originally designed as sea-based weapons.

According to the deal, a third of the value of the deal will be spent in India, where the IAI will make offset purchases from Tata, a local consortium.

UPDATE it now appears that there may be in inquiry as some in India are calling for an investigation. Israel's woes are never ending, ever the "victim" trouble is they create their own problems, will they ever learn?

“Suspend defence deal with Israel”
NEW DELHI: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Saturday demanded that the United Progressive Alliance government forthwith suspend the air defence missile deal it had struck with Israel and order a CBI probe into the circumstances leading to the purchase and the alleged kickbacks involved in it.