30 March 2009

Obama's Middle East Plan~American Soldiers~ Devil in the Details?

Often the Devil is in the Details....

I read quite a lot of news articles to stay abreast of the Middle East conflict. Often I find little "comments" within a long article that may be missed if you read too quickly. One such "snippet" recently caught my eye whilst reading a report from the Times Online. The article itself focused on the upcoming G20 conference and touched on Obamas middle East plans for peace. Nothing too important, except towards the end when I read this little bit below:

(see what jumps out at ya)
HINT: I bolded it LOL

A group of hard-nosed foreign policy realists in Washington last autumn produced a “bipartisan statement on US Middle East peacemaking” that was handed to Obama by his senior economic adviser Paul Volcker, a signatory. The wise men called for an “intense American mediation in pursuit of a two-state solution . . . a more pragmatic approach to Hamas” and American command of a multinational force to keep the peace between Israel and Palestine. George Mitchell, Obama’s Middle East envoy (who acted as an honest broker in Northern Ireland), and General Jim Jones, his national security adviser, are said to be highly sympathetic.

Say WHAT??? America is going to have boots on the ground to "help" police the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?????? God I hope not, this is JUST not what America needs, to stick itself into this situation where Israel will then be controlling things behind the scenes.

No matter how careful or good intentioned America may be on this, Israel will surely create (or manufacture!!) situations that will cause America to fall out with Palestinians and Arabs. All the while pushing America towards war with Iran! It's what Israel does best, control things. They would like nothing better then to create some situation, by their own hands that they "think" will counter all the anti-Israeli sentiment that exists now due to their horrific immoral and illegal genocide in Gaza. What better way to recover and divert attention than to create another conflict. One that puts Israel and America on the same page!!!

Let's Just imagine some American soldiers get shot and killed, and Israel says it's HAMAS or some "evil" Palestinian, when in fact it is some elaborate Israeli plan to turn America away from caring about Palestine and get Israel right back in control of America's foreign policy in the Middle East. It's not past Israel to attempt this, they have done it before. Let us remember the USS Liberty, Israel murdered all those Americans in an attempt to force the US into war.If Israel can be placed in an opportunistic situation like that agian, where they can make "Arabs" or "Palestinians" appear evil or un-trustworthy, then they are home free. Then America's right wing nutjobs will take to the airwaves and build a story that becomes "fact" because it is repeated enough and echoed.

I would appeal to the progressive left in America that is still not controlled by the Jewish Lobby, to hold Obama accountable and say "No we won't" send soldiers to Israel or Palestine!

Food for Thought!