30 March 2009

Team Galloway~How YOU Can Help

From Team Galloway, how YOU can help:

The scale of the correspondence we’ve received means that it will take some time to respond properly to all who’ve emailed in.

Perhaps Jason Kenney hoped to silence George by banning him from the country. The opposite has happened. Not only has George begun a packed tour of the US, speaking on Palestine and the war, but he is getting coast to coast coverage in Canada itself. Pressure is mounting on the government to reverse its decision.

As George says, “What is happening is a sinister attempt to criminalise efforts to build solidarity for the besieged people of Palestine their right to choose their own government.” It is also a dangerous attack on the principle of free speech.

Below is a step by step guide from Canadian campaigners over how to register your anger at the ban. Please take a couple of moments to email off your response.

The legal challenge to the ban has been submitted and more and more people are booking for the tour dates. Whatever happens, George will be addressing those theatres by one means or another.

We are also asking people to show their support financially. Click this link to donate to the special fund to fight Kenney’s political ban and to support Viva Palestina’s political campaigning work to lift the siege of Gaza. If you’re sick of illiberal, pro-war policies – help fund opposition to them.

Thank you again for your support. Do check out the Viva Palestina site – www.vivapalestina.org and George’s own site www.georgegalloway.com

With best wishes,

George Galloway campaign team

Jason Kenney:
Defend free speech.
Let George Galloway into Canada. Stop the attacks on civil liberties.

Please contact immediately the offices of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney to demand that he reverse his ban on British MP George Galloway. Jason Kenney must stop his attacks on civil liberties and support the right to free speech.

Please also include the entire Conservative caucus in your e-mail (or as much of it as you can). Conservative MPs must take responsibility for their party’s decision to attack free speech in Canada. Make sure they know that their position is indefensible, and that they must join the call to reverse the ban on George Galloway.

E-mailing is the fastest and easiest way to contact Jason Kenney and Conservative MPs. Just follow these steps:

Step 1:
Cut and paste Jason Kenney’s e-mail addresses into your address line:

KenneJ@parl.gc.ca; Kennej7@parl.gc.ca; minister@cic.gc.ca

Step 2:
Cut and paste the e-mail addresses of the entire Conservative caucus into your CC line (If your e-mail account can’t e-mail this many addresses at once, try sending your e-mail to a smaller block of addresses one at a time. You may have to send several e-mails in order to reach the entire caucus.). Please note that this list includes Conservative staffers.

AbbotJ@parl.gc.ca; AblonD@parl.gc.ca; calgary@ablonczy.com; Aglukkaq.L@parl.gc.ca; AlbreH@parl.gc.ca; AllenM@parl.gc.ca; AllisD@parl.gc.ca; AmbroR@parl.gc.ca; AmbroR1a@Parl.gc.ca; AnderR@parl.gc.ca; RobAnders@telus.net; AnderDa@parl.gc.ca; david.anderson1@sasktel.net; Ashfield.K@parl.gc.ca; BairdJ@parl.gc.ca; BenoiL@parl.gc.ca; benoil@parl.gc.ca; BerniM@parl.gc.ca; BezanJ@parl.gc.ca; office@jamesbezan.com; ottawa@jamesbezan.com; BlackJ@parl.gc.ca; BlaneS@parl.gc.ca; Block.K@parl.gc.ca; BouchS@parl.gc.ca; Boughen.R@parl.gc.ca; boughr@parl.gc.ca; Braid.P@parl.gc.ca; Braidp1@parl.gc.ca; braidp1@parl.gc.ca; BreitG@parl.gc.ca; breitg1b@parl.gc.ca; ! BrownG@parl.gc.ca; Bro! wn.L@par l.gc.ca; BrownLo@parl.gc.ca; BrownPa@parl.gc.ca; barrie@servingbarrie.com; ottawa@servingbarrie.com; BruinR@parl.gc.ca; Cadman.D@parl.gc.ca; CadmaD1@parl.gc.ca; Calandra.P@parl.gc.ca; CalkiB@parl.gc.ca; CannaR@parl.gc.ca; ron@cannan.ca; CannoL@parl.gc.ca; Cannon.L@parl.gc.ca; Cannol1@parl.gc.ca; CarriCo@parl.gc.ca; CassoR@parl.gc.ca; casson@rickcasson.com; ChongM@parl.gc.ca; Chong.M@parl.gc.ca; ClarkR@parl.gc.ca; Clarke.R@parl.gc.ca; ClemeT@parl.gc.ca; Clement.T@parl.gc.ca; Clemet1@parl.gc.ca; Clemet2@parl.gc.ca; clemet1a@parl.gc.ca; CummiJ@parl.gc.ca; cummins@dccnet.com; cummij@parl.gc.ca; DavidP@parl.gc.ca; Davidp1@parl.gc.ca; DayS@parl.gc.ca; ! days1@parl.gc.ca; De! chert.B@ parl.gc.ca; decheb1A@parl.gc.ca; DelmaD@parl.gc.ca; DevolB@parl.gc.ca; Dreeshen.E@parl.gc.ca; Duncan.J@parl.gc.ca; DykstR@parl.gc.ca; FastE@parl.gc.ca; ed@edfast.ca; FinleD@parl.gc.ca; Finley.D@parl.gc.ca; FlaheJ@parl.gc.ca; jim@jimflahertymp.ca; flaherty.j@parl.gc.ca; FletcS@parl.gc.ca; Fletcher.S@parl.gc.ca; GalipR@parl.gc.ca; GalipR1@parl.gc.ca; Galipr7@parl.gc.ca; GallaC@parl.gc.ca; Glover.S@parl.gc.ca; gloves@parl.gc.ca; GoldrP@parl.gc.ca; goldrp1@parl.gc.ca; GoodyG@parl.gc.ca; info@garygoodyear.com; goodyg1@parl.gc.ca; GourdJ@parl.gc.ca; GrewaN@parl.gc.ca; grewan1@parl.gc.ca; GuergH@parl.gc.ca; HarpeS@parl.gc.ca; pm@pm.gc.ca; Harpe.S@parl.gc.ca; HarriR@parl.gc.ca; harrir1@parl.gc.ca; HawnL@parl.gc.ca; hawnl1@parl.gc.ca; HiebeR@parl.gc.ca; info@russhiebert.ca; HillJ@parl.gc.ca; Hoback.R@parl.gc.ca; hobacr1@parl.gc.ca; hobacr@parl.gc.ca; Hoeppner.C@parl.gc.ca; info@candicehoeppner.com; Holder.E@parl.gc.ca; JeanB@parl.gc.ca; jeanb1@parl.gc.ca; KampR@parl.gc.ca; randy@randykamp.com; KeddyG@pa! rl.gc.ca; keddyg@ns.sympatico.ca; geraldkeddymp@eastlink.ca; keddyg1@ns.sympatico.ca; kennej0@parl.gc.ca; kennej1@parl.gc.ca; kennej2@parl.gc.ca; kennej3@parl.gc.ca; kennej4@parl.gc.ca; kennej5@parl.gc.ca; kennej6@parl.gc.ca; kennej7@parl.gc.ca; kennej8@parl.gc.ca; kennej9@parl.gc.ca; Kent.P@parl.gc.ca; kentp@parl.gc.ca; Kerr.G@parl.g! c.ca; info@westnova.org! ; KomarE@parl.gc.ca; komare1@parl.gc.ca; komare2@parl.gc.ca; komare3@parl.gc.ca; KrampD@parl.gc.ca; krampd1@parl.gc.ca; LakeM@parl.gc.ca; LauzoG@parl.gc.ca; info@guylauzon.ca; LebelD@parl.gc.ca; LemiePi@parl.gc.ca; lemieux.p@parl.gc.ca; Lobb.B@parl.gc.ca; LukiwT@parl.gc.ca; LunnG@parl.gc.ca; lunnmp@garylunn.com; LunneJ@parl.! gc.ca; nanaimo@jameslunneymp.ca; ottawa@jameslunneymp.ca; MackaP@parl.gc.ca; Mackap3@parl.gc.ca; Mackap2@parl.gc.ca; Mackap1a@parl.gc.ca; MackeD@parl.gc.ca; macked2@parl.gc.ca; macked1@parl.gc.ca; MarkI@parl.gc.ca; inkymark@mts.net; MayesC@parl.gc.ca; mayesc1b@parl.gc.ca; McColeman.P@parl.gc.ca; McLeod.C@parl.gc.ca; McLeoC1@parl.gc.ca; McLeoC@parl.gc.ca;! 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Step 3:
Don¹t forget to fill out your subject line:

Let Galloway into Canada. Defend free speech.

Step 4:
Cut and paste the message below. Feel free to personalize it with your own words. And don’t forget to include your name at the bottom.

Dear Mr. Kenney:

Your decision to ban British MP George Galloway represents an unprecedented attack on free speech and on civil liberties in Canada.
Regardless of Mr. Galloway’s opinions on the war in Afghanistan or the Middle East, you have no right to silence his views. Canada is now the only country in the world to ban a sitting Member of the British Parliament, someone who has been elected five times and who has no criminal record.

I am demanding that you reverse this decision immediately and make provisions to guarantee Mr. Galloway’s entry into Canada. In addition, I am demanding that you cease immediately any further attacks on free speech and civil liberties in Canada.

I look forward to your prompt reply.


Step 5: Press send!