26 April 2009

Another Day, Another Palestinian Shot

When, I say when, will the world,and America in particular because everyone else follows them, hold these murderers and maimers accountable? If you are an Israeli, you have a license to kill and a get out of jail free card, supplied by the USA for NOT forcing Israel to obey International law and UN resolutions. This Palestinian was on his OWN land, and Israel shot him twice! He is now in serious condition, just like Tristan Anderson, another innocent victim of the murdering scum.

Ramallah – Israeli soldiers shot a Palestinian man in the shoulder during a raid on the West Bank village of Rantis, northwest of Ramallah, on Sunday afternoon.

Twenty-six-year-old Jamal Mustapha Hosheh was shot twice while he was on his land near the Israeli separation wall. He was taken to the Public Hospital in Ramallah, where medics labeled his condition serious. link