26 April 2009

Israel Arrests Pregnant Woman For Visiting Family

These people are SUCH effing racists. Iran is 100% correct, Israel is the MOST racist country in existance. If you have not read my post about Israel closing down Gaza and the West Bank and my post about Israel stealing more land then read that too. As ALL of this is happening right now, and now this pregnant Palestinian woman arrested for attempting to visit her family. Israel is nothing more than a tiny piece of desert, covered with racists.

An Israeli woman was arrested when she attempted to visit her Palestinian husband’s family in the West Bank city of Nablus on Sunday.

Neta Golan was arrested by Israeli forces at the Huwwara military checkpoint on her way into Nablus, according to a spokesperson for the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement, of which Golan is a member.

Golan, who is five months pregnant, was held until 1pm and then released.

Under Israeli law, Israeli citizens are prohibited from entering Area A of the West Bank, which includes most of the Palestinian population centers.link