05 May 2009

Come Visit Gaza-Free Tour

I want to post this from a young Palestinian University student's blog "Live From Gaza". She and her friends decided to do a tour of Gaza (even though they live there) and they wanted to share this with people. She wants to promote the GOOD things in Gaza, and she hopes very much that people will come to visit her beautiful country.Additionally, she is quite an artist, I would encourage people to visit her site and view her artwork.

You are invited to a tour in Gaza!

Salamz all,

A good friend of mine and her other friend organized a trip around Gaza. I think they were inspired by the idea that we need amusement, we need some adventure!
Her suggestion was met by an overwhelming acceptance by me and my friends. On Thursday, a bus was waiting for us outside the university, yet it was an independent trip.
We were almost 50 girls including 3 mothers. We visited many places as you’ll see in the following videos.
It was an AWESOME trip! We had so much fun!
It’s nice to remember that even though Gaza is not the perfect place for entertainment, we still can fun with the available, humble resources that we have.
I think it’s show time! I’ve shot almost every place we went to. One last thing, the ship is not LAME AT ALL!

I’m trying to promote Gaza to be your tourism destination this summer Enjoy!

Alah HafiZ