05 May 2009

TORTURE~More On Israel Witholding Medical Treatment

I reported yesterday that the UN is investigating crimes of Torture against Israel. You see,Israel has been attempting to blackmail sick and injured Palestinians from receiving medical care by trying to force them to become Israeli spies or informers.

Every week I ask myself a simple question; "How low can Israel go?" and the answer? They continually outdo themselves, they are the lowest of lows and this report coupled with the murdering of hundreds of innocent women and children in Gaza confirms that Israel has no soul, they are no longer part of the human race. They exist alone in a vacuum, on a tiny patch of desert. Note the logic of Zionist Mark Regev (the one who during the genocide continually denied the use of White Phosporous as the pictures and videos were shown to the world) at the end of this article. Truly stunning logic, but only in "Bizarro Land" aka "Israel"report below:

Israel’s intelligence services are increasingly pressuring Palestinian patients from Gaza to spy and inform on other Palestinians if they want to enter Israel for medical treatment, a report released on Monday by an Israeli rights organization said.

Data and 30 testimonies collected by Physicians for Human Rights – Israel (PHR-I) and presented at the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva, indicates a rise in the number of Palestinian patients interrogated and forced to provide information, usually at the Erez border crossing into Israel.

According to PHR-I, Israel’s General Security Service (GSS, known as Shabak) interrogated minors; photographed patients against their will; harassed, accused, cursed and intimidated patients during interrogations.

Patients that did not cooperate were returned to Gaza without receiving a permit to exit for medical treatment, the report said.

Between January 2008 and March 2009, at least 438 patients have been summoned for GSS interrogations at Erez Crossing, as a precondition for a review of their applications to access medical treatment outside the Strip.

The data points to an increase in the ratio of the number of interrogations to the total number of applications submitted to the authorities at Erez Crossing: from 1.45% in January 2008 to 17% in January 2009.

The following is one of the testimonies that was submitted to the UN committee:

“R., a 17-year-old cancer patient who is being treated at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, arrived at the Erez Crossing after having been informed by PHR-Israel that her departure, accompanied by her mother, had been approved. When they reached the crossing point at 9 a.m they were told to sit and wait in the departure hall. At around 11.30 three GSS men in civilian dress came over and asked R. to follow them for interrogation.

“Despite the girl's tears and pleading, one of the GSS men threatened that if she did not accompany him, he would send her back to Gaza. R. was separated from her mother and taken for interrogation. All this time, her mother was locked in the adjacent room and told to wait for her daughter.

“The interrogation lasted an hour, and in its course, the girl's cell phone was taken, she was questioned about her uncle and her father, their place of employment etc. On conclusion of the interrogation, the girl was taken back to her mother, and at the end of the day, around 17.00 she was permitted to leave for Israel

“R. … who was interrogated on 29.1.09. Testimony submitted to PHR-Israel on the same day. The patient suffers from a malignant tumor on the leg and is being treated at Shiba Medical Center in Israel.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel is one of at least eight organizations that have submitted testimony to the Committee Against Torture, which this week is reviewing Israel's record. This year the UN is examining Israel as well as Chad, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Philippines as part of periodic reviews that it does of all nations.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesperson, Mark Regev responded to the Physicians for Human Rights report saying, in remarks quoted by the Jerusalem Post, "There are unfortunately countless examples of people who have asked to come into Israel for medical reasons, and who have been exploited by terrorists," Regev said. source
Although Regev is obviously referring to the insane Israeli logic that some how HAMAS is responsible for everything in the world, like this poor little girl with cancer being terrorised and tortured by Israel, like global warming, like Swine Flu, like the assassination of Kennedy, like the financial meltdown, all of this is the fault of HAMAS. However, Regev's remarks on terrorists is 100% correct,just not by HAMAS terrorists, but rather they are being "exploited by Israeli Terrorists" I am so very happy he is finally admitting that crime to the world, it is the first step in Israel beginning to recognise it is a rogue terrorist state, after all, we already knew it long ago.....