15 April 2009

Egypt Steals Aid For Gaza~AGAIN

yeah sure, the tunnels are only used for smuggling "weapons." Seriously, these people inside Gaza are cut off from the entire world. Israel barely allows anything in, just barely enough for people to stay alive (and suffer) Israel has even stopped things like Pasta, and baby diapers (nappies) because they were not on the list, or they thought Palestinians "don't eat pasta" So, Egypt (Israel's agent and new BFF) captures "clothes, fuel and cement" no doubt the Israelis and Egypt will say the evil clothes, cement and fuel, were all Hamas supporters. Let us not forget that Israel bombed and destroyed Gaza's cement factory and all its trucks, remember that? So, considering how many years Israel has continued its act of war by closing off Gaza and seizing its borders, how else are people supposed to survive. Too bad the great Arab nation does not exist any longer, I would love to see them place Israel under siege, see how they like it. story below:

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Egyptian forces seized large quantities of fuel and arrested four smugglers on their way to the Gaza Strip, according to Reuters.

Egyptian security sources said police confiscated more than 19,000 liters of fuel, arrested four truck drivers, and were pursuing two others who managed to escape.

The sources identified those arrested as Samir Sulaiman, Nasser Abdul-Wahhab, Dusuki Dusuki, and Rashid Hasan.

The sources added that police also seized clothes, concealed under a pile of sand, from a truck driven by Adel Uweid, who was also arrested. Egyptian officials then seized cement from the mouth of a tunnel along the border with Gaza, they noted that there were likely smugglers inside the tunnel. link