15 April 2009

Israel Trying to Provoke Confrontation SSDD

Israel continues to provoke Palestinians on a daily basis. They open and close borders on a whim. The close borders on Jewish holidays (insulting) they continue to build settlements and remove Palestinians from their homes. And most recently they have turned a blind eye to the Zionist Nazi Racist Settlers who, in the last week have raided the Al Aqaz mosque twice! And, if that’s not enough, the Israeli police/military/Nazi’s back up to illegal swine settlers, and then arrested a Palestinian media worker for documenting the event inside the mosque. Well, this is not lost on Hamas, and what they are saying is absolutely correct. Israel is trying to provoke another Intifada, then they can whine to America and point to the evil Palestinians who don’t want “peace” This is what Israel’s tactics have been for years, provoke, then get America to back Israel, all the while convincing the USA that Palestinians who resist are terrorists, whilst Israel is the little peaceful paradise always under attack. Time for America to wise up!

The Palestinian de facto government based in Gaza warned that Israeli settler incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem could drag the region into a “confrontation.”

After the weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the government led by Ismail Haniyeh said recent settler visits to the Mosque were "provocative."

The de facto government said Israeli policy in Jerusalem is consistent with the strategy of “transfer,” a euphemism for ethnic cleansing, advocated in the past by Israel’s new foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

Right-wing settlers have entered the Al-Aqsa compound at least twice in the last week. Last Friday some 50 settlers entered the area during a time-slot normally reserved for foreign tourists.

The second Palestinian Intifada (Uprising) was sparked by a visit to the mosque by right-wing Israeli leader Ariel Sharon in September 2000. source