12 April 2009

UPDATED Female Palestinian Prisoner Expelled to Gaza

UPDATED Palestinian Minister of Civil affairs Hussein Ash-Sheikh managed to obtain a permit from Israel to allow Ash-Sheikh to travel to the West Bank on Monday.

original story below:
After SIX years in an Israeli Jail,Sherin Sheikh Khalil, a female prisoner from the West Bank is expelled to Gaza, never to return to the West Bank. Amazing, Israel controls which part of a country a native resident of that country can live in. Israel is a true racist apartheid statelet, not a democracy but an theocracy, only Jews have full rights.

Released West Bank prisoner arrives in Gaza

Sherin Sheikh Khalil, the released West Bank Palestinian female prisoner arrived on Sunday in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip after spending six years in Israeli jails.

Sheikh Khalil crossed into the Gaza Strip through Erez Crossing between northern tip of the enclave and Israel, as she expressed mixed feelings of happiness and sadness after she was released.

"I'm happy because I was freed from prison but I'm sad because there are thousands of prisoners are still eager to smell the fragrance of freedom," she said as she was received by her mother and relatives.

Sheikh Khalil is basically from the West Bank where her father, brothers and sisters live, but her mother, who was waiting for her near the borders with Israel, is from Gaza.

"I'm so glad to meet my mother in Gaza, and I feel so sad because I wasn't able to see my father and my brothers," she said with tears as she hugged her mother. "I hope I can get back to the West Bank one day."

The Israeli prisons' authorities informed Sheikh Khalil one day before her release that she will be expelled to Gaza. Over the past five years, Israel has expelled more than 30 released people from the West Bank to Gaza.

"Gaza and the West Bank are one unity and both are the homeland of all the Palestinians. I admit I was sad when I was told that I will be expelled to Gaza, but I'm still happy and satisfied to be here with my people," said Sheikh Khalil. source