15 April 2009

Hamas & Fatah Solution In The Works

Yet more good news, an interim solution may be available which will allow the parties to work together whilst still recognising that a continued approach to a political resolution must still be worked out. If agreed, this would allow both parties to work for the good of Gaza, whilst still working on the outstanding issues of party representation. This is good for two reasons, firstly it means Gaza benefits,but most importantly, it re-focuses attention where it should be, on Israel!!

Hamas is studying an Egyptian proposal that suggests the construction of a national committee charged with hashing out the vision of a new transitional government, defining its mission and clearing political issues in advance of its creation.

On Wednesday official Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum confirmed that the party has received the proposal and is drafting questions about it that will be addressed at the next round of conciliation talks in Cairo on 26 April.

Barhum said the party had rejected the idea of the proposal after hearing several Egyptian media reports, saying Hamas felt the proposal would have resulted in a confederation between the West Bank and Gaza, but the party insisted on establishing Palestine as one state with one people. The party was also concerned about the proposal initially because it had not been covered during their talks in Cairo.

Hamas “has questions” about the proposal, Barhoum said. “The most important of which is the fate of the two governments in the West Bank and Gaza once the committee is formed.”

Barhoum noted Egypt proposed the committee as a way out of the political deadlock and it will be examined thoroughly with the will to bringing Palestinian unity to its people.

Explaining Hamas’ stance on the proposal thus far, however, he said the party understands membership in the committee as not being aligned with any of Ramallah’s political policies. The committee itself, according to the proposal, is envisioned as an umbrella body coordinating between the West Bank and Ramallah governments.

One elements essential to the committee is its role in the reconstruction of Gaza.