15 April 2009

Hamas and Fatah Talking Again

Fatah has agreed with Hamas to continue talks in Gaza in advance of scheduled talks in Cairo, senior Fatah official Abdallah Al-Ifranji said Wednesday following his return from meetings with Hamas and factional leaders in Gaza.

This, is a GOOD Thing, they need to work it out so the can tackle Isarel with a united front.

Al-Ifranji entered the Gaza Strip last week on orders from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas along with his colleague President of the Gaza Development and Reconstruction Committee Marwan Abd Al-Hamid. The two returned to Ramallah on Tuesday.

Al-Ifranji called his mission in Gaza an “ice breaking” one that would prevent factional members from “using weapons against each other.” He also confirmed that the talks in Gaza were not a replacement for the 26 April talks in Cairo but rather a parallel process.

“Dialogue with Hamas has created chances to continue discussions that began in Cairo,” Al-Ifranji said. He noted Abbas would be updated on the mission when he returned to the West Bank. link