04 April 2009

Hamas Had Double Agents During War

Hamas says it recruited double intelligence agents with Israel

GAZA, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Islamic Hamas movement revealed on Saturday that it has managed to recruit Palestinian collaborators with Israel during the last Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip that ended in Jan. 18.

A senior Hamas militant, who spoke in condition of anonymity, told a Hamas security website called "al-Majd" that "during the war, Hamas discovered collaborators with Israel and succeeded to recruit them as double agents."

"They became double agents and they managed to penetrate into the Israeli internal security intelligence known as the "Shabak," said the senior militant, adding "we have achieved a great success in this respect."

However, the official said "We managed to discover and follow a number of collaborators during the war on Gaza, then we recruited them and we used them against the enemy that invaded the Gaza Strip."

He said that during the war, Israel used collaborators that its security forces had recruited over the past two years.

"The collaborators used sophisticated technology, such as electronic instrument to send date and also spread rumors to weaken the internal front in Gaza," said Lafi.