20 April 2009

Investigation into Israeli Land Theft Continues

Despite a fake report in an Israeli paper, the PA say their investigations into illegal land sales by Jews IS continuing. There have been thousands of forged documents on Palestinian land.

Palestinian lawmaker and the prime minister’s advisor on Jerusalem Affairs Hatim Abdul-Qadir on Sunday denied Israeli news reports claiming that the Palestinian Authority had closed investigations into land sales to Jews in Jerusalem.

He revealed that Palestine's general prosecution is currently investigating document forgery related to 13,000 donums in the West Bank that could change the area’s geopolitical map.

“The Palestinian prosecution promptly follows up with cases of land leaks, and investigation is ongoing in dozens of such cases in Bethlehem and Jerusalem,” Abdul-Qadir said.

He added that prosecution sometimes face difficulties in questioning some suspects from Jerusalem because of Israeli intervention, however, he said it has never led to halting investigations.

Recently, said Abdul-Qadir, Jerusalemite suspects have been arrested and interrogated for three days. When Israel demanded they be handed over to the joint military liaison office, claiming they will continue interrogations, Israel released them and closed their case a week later.

Land sales to Jews, according to Abdul-Qadir, are related to state security and could never be undermined or neglected without punishing those involved in forgery of documents and everybody involved in those deals. He explained that several deals were revealed and leaking attempts were thwarted. source