25 April 2009

Iran Gets Pwnd by China

Despite a ban and boycott on Isarel, Israeli oranges were found being sold within Tehran. Investigation to follow. The poison fruit was sent in boxes marked sent from "China" Hmmm, "Orange-gate" begins, did the Isarelis package them in boxes marked from "China" or did China just try to make a "fast buck" Stay tuned for more "Orange-Gate" developments, because orange-you just dying to know? report below:

Fears that an Iranian ban on imports from its arch foe Israel was flouted by the sale of Jaffa oranges have sparked an inquiry in Tehran, reports say.

City authorities asked the judiciary to take action after the Israeli fruit was allegedly imported in boxes marked as Chinese, local media report.

The fruit was imported via Dubai and put on sale at markets and in shops in and around Tehran, one report says.

A news agency showed pictures of boxes containing fruit bearing a Jaffa label.

In its report on the alleged distribution of the oranges, the Ilna news agency said fruit still in storage would not be sold. source