18 April 2009

Iranian Musicians to Play at Harvard

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone because AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby who control America will find out and force Harvard to un-envite them, or cause the person who envited them to be fired, it's what they do.

Harvard University's Music Department is slated to hold a traditional Persian music concert, featuring renowned Iranian musicians.

Co-sponsored by the Harvard Music Department and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Art of Improvisation Persian Classical Music will introduce the tar and Setar virtuoso Bahman Panahi and Tonbak player, Ali Mojallal.

The event, to be held on April 20, 2009, will be the first joint performance of Panahi and Mojallal in the United States.

Musician, painter and calligrapher Bahman Panahi has held concerts, workshops, conferences, courses and exhibitions in Iran, France, the Maldives, Cuba, Holland, England, Syria, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Nigeria, Marocco, Spain, Mauritania, Poland, USA, Belgium, and Switzerland since 1990.

Ali Mojallal has worked with numerous Iranian Tonbak players such as Arash Farhangfar and Siavash Akbari in Iran and Djamshid Chemirani in France. link