17 April 2009

The Zionist Settler Cockroaches Have a Plan

A Stupid plan

Utter Insanity~Israeli Settlers claim that, WAIT FOR IT..... Israel's cooperation in working out a peace deal for a Palestinian state creates "terrorism" (That's their Plan!!) The Nazi Racist Zionists are merely grasping at any excuse to scupper a Palestinian state. Their actions are TRANSPARENT as the reality that should a deal be struck they are all going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming off the Palestinian land they stole and are living on. I, for one, cannot wait for that day. I plan to hold a "Cockroach Cleaning" party, finally the land Will be free of Nazi's and the real owners can return, once the cockroaches are gone. Story below:
Settler council: Peace talks with Palestinians perpetuate terror

"The pressure being applied on Israel to help establish a state for these terrorist organizations only encourages the terrorists," Yesha Council leaders said in a statement on Friday.

"Immorally, and outrageously, comparing the threat of a nuclear Iran to the pioneering settlement operations in Judea and Samaria affirms the criminal actions of the terrorist organizations," said Yesha Council spokesman Yishay Hollander.

The head of the Mount Hebron council, Tzviki Bar Hai, said that the incident proves "that both the Arab world and the terrorists haven't grasped the fact that there's a new government in Israel."

The committee of Yesha Rabbis said that the "multiple attempts to harm Jews stem from the ongoing delusional peace chattering, and prove that there is not, nor will there ever be, peace with a blood-thirsty enemy."

"The Jewish heroism demonstrated by Bat Ayin and Beit Haggai residents, fearlessly inhabiting isolated areas, is the true strength of the state of Israel that will vanquish all evil, both within and without," the Rabbi council added.

The right-wing Women in Green group announced that the "infiltration of a terrorist into the Beit Haggai settlement proves that the talk in the Israeli media of 'two states for two peoples' encourages cross-country terror."

Women in Green called for the government to "respond to every attack or attempted attack with the establishment of a new settlement or new neighborhoods in existing ones."

"Such a Zionist response will eradicate, once and for all, the enemy's hopes of conquering our homeland," the group added.
(Um, whose homeland???? Zionist asshats!)