14 April 2009

Israel Blocks Fuel for Gaza-AGAIN

These racist killers allow only enough into Gaza for people to barely survive. This is their continuing tactic of collective punishment. Can't wait for the war crimes investigation to come. When Israel is charged I will celebrate for weeks, along with the rest of the "sane" world.

Israel barred deliveries of fuel from the besieged Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning while opening two crossing points for deliveries of food and humanitarian supplies.

Chair of the Gaza Committee for the Entry of Goods Raed Fattuh said Israel closed the Nahal Oz fuel terminal on Tuesday, effectively shutting off fuel supply to the Strip..

The supplies allowed into Gaza on Tuesday include: dairy products, frozen meat, flour, grains, sugar, rice, spaghetti, cooking oil, diapers, toilet paper and blankets.

On Monday Israel allowed a shipment of 130 tons of cooking gas and 450,000 liters of industrial-grade diesel supplied by the European Union for Gaza’s sole power plant.

Israel has maintained a land, sea, and air blockade of the Gaza Strip since June 2007, causing the territory’s economy to collapse and trapping 1.5 million Palestinians inside. source