07 April 2009

Israel on World Quest to Improve its Image (break out the sick bag)

Israeli Beach, Coming Soon to Country Near You

When will the world begin to understand the depths that Israel will go to fool people and make them think they are wonderful democratic people, who want peace and equality. They spend billions (probably the billions they steal from poor Americans) to carry out these "missions" worldwide and get a foot hold into other countries where they hope to one day exert the same type of control they have in America. Wake up people, unless you want to end up having them control what happens in your country as they did in Canada when they forced the government to ban a British MP from speaking, and in the USA when they ran a smear campaign against Charles Freeman who Obama had appointed. So now we see this farce in Vienna, an "Israeli Beach" on the Danube, I kid you not.............

This from the "Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs" (and HASBARA)
New Tel Aviv beach to be opened – in Vienna

A new six-month long initiative by the Israeli embassy in Vienna will focus attention on Israel's rich cultural life, its society and its products, and delight and entertain the residents of the Austrian capital and the many tourists that flood the city.

"Tel Aviv Beach" is located in the center of the city, along the banks of the Danube River that intersects the city, and only a few hundred yards from St. Stephan's Cathedral.
Pay close attention to the next bit:
The beach is an additional platform of Israel's embassy in Austria, and an additional layer in the implementation of the active public diplomatic strategy promoted by the embassy.
The public "strategy" of the Israeli Embassy, meaning, to counter what the world just saw in Gaza! Well, it will take much more than a few Israelis dancing in some fake beach to convince me that they are peaceful people. Perhaps they should start with making the Arabs living in Israel equal citizens, stop bulldozing homes, stealing land, ramping up war, murdering children, over haul its criminal army, stop printing t-shirts with pregnant Muslim women saying "one shot, two kills" stop the illegal act of war siege on Palestine, allow Palestinians the right to return to THEIR homes, begin to respect and adhere to the over 60 UN resolutions it has against it's evil rogue state, put forth its war criminals for trial and support the outcome of said UN trials, give up the stolen land and give Palestinians a rightful homeland NOT under Israel control, and give up its nuclear weapons, just like they want Iran to do. Then they can come and dance for me!MORE BELOW
Israel's rich cultural life, its society and its products are not well known in Austria and in other cities around the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs perceived this challenge some time ago, and has since been actively market these topics, using various methods. The Israeli embassy in Vienna has implemented an active approach, which is expressed by the number of initiatives. The most conspicuous of these was the "Israeli streetcar", a typical Viennese streetcar, completely wrapped on the outside with campaign pictures, and with LCD screens and advanced sound systems inside.

The "Tel Aviv Beach" represents a significant escalation in the scope of activities and the leverage of strategic success. Approximately 1000 sqm., bounded by a huge screen on one side and a Bauhaus-style café/bar/snack bar on the other. Beach chairs and Tel Aviv's typical night-scene pyramid-style street lamps are already on the way, Israeli atmosphere for Austrians and international tourists who flood Vienna alike. The beach will offer a typical Israeli refuge from European routine. Chill-out, excellent food and spontaneity. Broad, unrestricted Internet coverage with a range of popular web technologies on the side. more HASBARA here
They are building beaches in Vienna, whilst Palestinians live in rubble caused by Israel's over the top military genocide in Gaza. Disgusting! People should BOYCOTT THE BEACH