07 April 2009

Hey America, Don't Think You Have a Zionist Problem??

Hello America, the US Zionists are at it again, you have subversive groups, within your borders, loyal to another country working against your President. Would you allow British, French,German, or Arab control of your country? Well you are allowing Israel to control America and it is working against what is best for America. Cut these people loose. Support your President and your country, expel them if they are working against America's policies and also attempting to free a man who spied on the USA and was convicted of this HERE And so far as Israel being a "friend" to America, if the spy is not enough to convince you, then remember the USS Liberty and then read this:

Don't Give in to Pressure for a PA State

In a congratulatory letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the US-based National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) urged him to reject global pressures to agree to a Palestinian state. The organization also called for action to obtain freedom for imprisoned Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard

The April 1, 2009 letter, released to the press on Monday, was signed by Shlomo Z. Mostofsky, Esq., President of the NCYI, and Rabbi Pesach Lerner, its Executive Vice President. The NCYI represents over 150 Orthodox synagogues throughout the United States and Canada, with another 50 congregations in Israel affiliated with its sister organization, Yisrael HaTza'ir.

The NCYI leaders referred to unnamed "external forces" that "may call upon you to take a conciliatory approach towards the Palestinians," adding, "[We] implore you to stand firm and reject any pressure to accede to calls for the creation of a Palestinian state. We believe that an independent Palestinian state would merely compound the complex problems that currently exist and open the door to a new wave of acts of terror directed at innocent Israeli civilians."

As for the Israeli agent in American hands, Mostofsky and Rabbi Lerner further said, "[We] hope that when you meet with President Obama, you will directly ask the President to commute Jonathan Pollard's prison sentence. ...It is time to set Jonathan Pollard free and send him home to Israel."
(No, it's time to STFU and throw away the key and let him serve his LIFE sentance!!)

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Brilliant article . thank you .

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