09 April 2009


What is it with these people? They want to censor the world, let me remind everyone that this same group, the ADL (Anti_Defamation League)were the ones behind the ban on George Galloway in Canada. Now, they are going after Desmond Tutu who is to speak at a Michigan University. well, I can understand Israel's problem with Tutu. After all, Israel supported the apartheid government in South Africa and continues it's own version of Apartheid in Israel against Palestinians. Once a racists, always a racist. Please, America, get these Zionist Israeli agents out of your politics and country, next they will start censoring the Internet, Oh sorry, forgot, my bad, they already ARE doing that HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!! Story on Tutu below:

Anti-Defamation League asks MSU to reconsider Tutu

In a letter sent last week, the Anti-Defamation League asked Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon to reconsider the invitation extended to Archbishop Desmond Tutu to give the university’s commencement address next month.

The Jewish advocacy organization said the South African cleric, whose opposition to Apartheid earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, had made statements about Israel that “conveyed outright bigotry against the Jewish homeland and the Jewish people.”

It said he supports a cultural and academic boycott of Israel “based on ideas that are anti-Semitic and should be anathema to any institution of higher learning truly committed to academic freedom.”

Simon responded earlier this week. She said no.

While noting that university leaders had publicly opposed such a boycott, she wrote in a letter dated Monday, “Michigan State University rejects the notion that free intellectual exchange and scholarly activities should be casualties of political disagreement.”