16 April 2009

Lieberman Bullshits Mitchell

I hope Mitchell took his "bullshit" meter with him to Israel, he's gonna need it!

Lieberman to Mitchell: Israel making efforts at economic improvement in Palestine

Special US Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell met Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Jerusalem Thursday morning, and stressed the American preference for a two-state solution, a statement from the US consulate said.

Describing his first meeting with the right-wing Lieberman, Mitchell said they two had “a good, full and candid discussion covering both the history of the process, going back to the 1990’s, and continuing to the present, and also looking into the future on what can be done to achieve our common objectives.”

In response, Lieberman “described the efforts being made to make economic improvements [in Palestine] and to get involved in other discussions with the Palestinians in the West Bank,” according to Mitchell.

For his part Lieberman stressed “that the traditional approach has so far brought neither results nor solutions,” according to an Israeli Government press release.

The Israeli FM also noted that his government will have to formulate new ideas and a new approach to solving the conflict with Palestinians, but that Israel will do whatever is necessary to improve their “economic condition.”
***Updated 16:19 Bethlehem time