09 April 2009

OUTRAGE~Palestinian Blogger Deported by Egypt!!!

This is an absolute OUTRAGE!! Laila El-Haddad and her two children detained for 36 hours in Egypt have now been deported!! Many of you will have read her blog "Raising Yousuf and Noor: dairy of a Palestinian mother " Well, she was attempting to get into Gaza (her HOME) and after being detained for 36 hours, Egypt (acting as an Isareli Agent)has now actually deported her, at this time no one knows to where she has been sent. Disgraceful!!

Palestine: Twittering Gazan Mom Stranded at Cairo Airport Deported after 36 Hours

Her tweets have gone silent and her last message spoke of a deportation to somewhere other than home.

Egypt won't let them through; and El-Haddad's visa to the US, where she has flown from to the Cairo Airport where she was stranded for 36 hours, had expired.

some of her tweets are below:

thank you everyone for your support- I thought I could get in, I exhausted all options. They said I needed security clearance (to go home)
about 14 hours ago from web

i was asked by men in holding cell what I did to be in there, I said "I was born Palestinian"about 19 hours ago from web

I told everyone in the detention room I am the only one here because I cannot go home- you are all being deported home, I am denied homeabout 19 hours ago from web

then they said "its very uncomfortable isn't it? we do'nt mind keeping you there you know"
about 19 hours ago from web

took my laptop and cameras; everyone was called on by country; 5 south asians were "Pakistan"; Guneaian was "Kenya"; another was Indonesia
about 19 hours ago from web

i was placed in a detention room with 17 others for 3 hours then taken to a room and asked "if that's what I wanted for the forseable future
about 19 hours ago from web

waitng and waiting. this man has no answers and my file has been disappeared or cast aside for teh moment. running out of diapers.
9:00 AM Apr 8th from web

will be shocked if Yousuf and Noor's immune system survives this 24 jolt - eating and sleeping off roach ridden premises included
8:25 AM Apr 8th from web

new information: apparently, I am a security and political threat6:00 AM Apr 8th from web

i keep getting told "the gaza situation is very special" , as in "you are not human, you have no rights" special
5:45 AM Apr 8th from web

this must be a VERY high order because every call I have made has failed. I told them its not my fault egypt is in the way to my home
5:42 AM Apr 8th from web

Yousuf asked me: why are they not allowing us through? what did we do? and why did they allow Israelis through but not us?
7:59 PM Apr 7th from web

hour 6 in egyptian detention. low level official told me they plan to deport me to teh UK-even though I have no visa
7:58 PM Apr 7th from web

Her blog can be read HERE
and her twitter comments can be found HERE

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Anonymous said...

so sad , so revolting , so disgusting to see the ONCE great Egypt , the Egypt of Jamal Abdulnasser , do this to Laila and her small kids . how dare they , how can Laila be a security threat . i was hoping for "muslim" brothers (security personel at rafah) to treat Laila as a sister and treat her with care , and make sure her transfer to Gaza goes smoothly as she is travelling from so far with small kids . I would expect Muslims to behave this way . but i think im kidding myself . Muslims know what islam tells them how to behave but they turn to nasty monsters in reality. Im ashamed of my brothers in egypt truly ashamed . ALLah with You Laila , i cry inside for you . I wish i could do something . i hope ALLAh will assisst you soon inshallah l.

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