09 April 2009

Jewish Paranoia a Must Read

Paranoia is a social disease — you get it from screwing other people.

This is SUCH a great post by by Dr. Paul Balles over at Pacific FreePress he sums up waht we all know only too well. Israel is suffering from a severe disease called "paranoia" a must read!

A pressing problem: paranoia and power

Today, America is involved in an illegal "war" and a pre-emptive pregnancy. Everyone now knows that the invasion and occupation of Iraq were, and still are, based on a fraudulent attempt to capitalize on 9/11.

Everyone (who pays attention to politics) knows that the WMD excuse for invading Iraq was a fraud, making the entire murderous exercise even more illegal than a defensive war would be.

The only thing America and the UK were defending by invading Iraq was the vague possibility that sometime in the distant future Iraq, under Saddam Hussain or another leader like him, could pose a WMD threat to Israel.

Let's face it, Israel is paranoid. According to Canadian Mordecai Richler, Jewish paranoia has become a natural phenomenon. As he expressed it, "Coming from Canada, being a writer and Jewish as well, I have impeccable paranoia credentials."

Many will argue that Israelis have a perfect right to be paranoid based on their experiences with persecution and genocide. However, that does not give Israel the right to exercise their paranoid reactions against Gaza or transmit its national disease to America.

Now, out of the same paranoid delusions toward Iran as it had toward Iraq, Israel makes continued efforts to goad and provoke America into engaging in a war with Iran. America resists (or pretends to), giving itself the excuse of trying to approach negotiations with Iran, but finding Iran uncooperative.

According to mental health experts, “paranoia is incurable. The best course is to discharge the patient for the sake of the supporter’s health.” In short: leave Israel to its sickness. READ THE REST HERE