07 April 2009

Peace Process "DEAD END" Racist Lieberman Says

I just made a post earlier about Obama's message to Israel when we spoke in Turkey today, he made specific comments regarding the US policy for a two state solution and referenced the former agreements. This is a clear message to the racist bigot Lieberman, who several days ago said Israel did not have to abide by the Annapolis agreement. So now the Racist Zionist fires back at Obama,saying the peace process is at a "Dead End" Obama needs to give these racist Zionists a HUGE wake up call, by cutting off ALL money, it's the only thing the worship. Stop the money NOW! Besides that money can be far better used by the millions of suffering Americans who lost their homes and jobs! Report below (also updated at end NEW info out!!)
Israeli foreign minister sees peace talks at "dead end"

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's far-right foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said on Tuesday that Western-backed peace efforts with the Palestinians had reached a "dead end" and Israel intended to present new ideas for diplomacy.

"There is definitely a regression here and we must understand and admit that we are at a dead end," Lieberman said in a speech to members of his Yisrael Beiteinu party. "We definitely intend to present new ideas."

Yeah, and these "new ideas" will be to create an even smaller "jail" for the millions of Gazans crembed into a small space because Israel keeps stealing land.

Lieberman's party is the second largest partner in the right-wing coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which was sworn in last week.

The new foreign minister also said he did not "see the logic" in continuing negotiations over Palestinian statehood launched by the previous government of centrist Ehud Olmert.

"I don't understand the logic ... to skip directly to negotiations over a final agreement, to give up all our demands of the other side," Lieberman said.

UPDATED, this is hysterical, what a comedy!! Now Lieberman says he wants "foreign" powers (e.g. America) to butt out of Israels government policies. LOL............HELLO??? AIPAC, ADL, ZOA etc etc, I suppose Lieberman has no probs with Zionist groups interfering in American politics. And of course he had no probs with them smearing Charles Freeman, or pressuring Canada to ban George Galloway from speaking, all that is just "fine" as long as it suits Zionists. Check this rant by Lieberman out below:

Lieberman rejects foreign 'intervention' in politics
Mar 29, 2009

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel's hawkish new Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told foreign powers on Tuesday to stay out of Israeli politics, in an apparent reference to the flagging Middle East peace process.

"We have never interfered in the affairs of others, and we expect from others that they not interfere in ours," Lieberman told a meeting of his ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party.

(Um, hey Lieberman you asshat, can I just remind you of AIPAC, ADL, ZOA, JTF, and HUNDREDS MORE operating for your country IN America?? Oh and let us not forget Jonathan Pollard your spy in jail for life in the USA.)

"I do not expect from others that they have a stopwatch in hand and tell Israel when it must produce a responsible political programme," he added.

During a visit to Turkey on Monday, US President Barack Obama voiced renewed hope that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be resolved on the basis of a two-state solution, and urged leaders on both sides for "courage" to make peace. "I believe that peace in the Middle East is possible. I think it will be based on two states side by side," he said.

"In order to achieve that, both sides are going to have to make compromises. Now what we need is the political will and courage on the part of leadership," he added.