20 April 2009

Psychotic Israel Off its Medication Again

Today, Israel's Military Intelligence Chief (AAGHH, sorry, gotta say this, those three words should NEVER be put together, but that's another story) Anywho, he says that Obama's Middle East policy puts poor little Israel "under threat" What a load of bollox. C'mon Israel, we see through your HASBARA.

To the rest of the world let me explain why they keep saying this. Two reasons; Firstly they must keep their population living in constant fear and paranoia. After all, Israel lives in constant imagined "crisis" mode. They do this to keep getting money off Americans (for security supposedly) but they have the 4th largest army in the world WITH nuclear weapons, so scratch that for reality purposes. No, the REAL reason is just simply this: If America develops a decent relationship with Iran (the major player in the Middle East) then where does that leave poor little Israel? It would mean no more billions from the poor American taxpayer, who, I may remind people, are loosing their jobs and houses, whilst the US govt sends billions to Israel.

Moreover, Israel will become nothing, meaning without a constant "imagined threat" to beat over the heads of the world, they become nothing special. They become a tiny little Jewish country in the middle of a whole bunch of Arab countries, albeit surrounded by them. They would have to live in peace. In short, the REAL players in the Middle East are the Arab nations, not Israel. The only thing that keeps Israel at the top of the list is their constant never ending, never relenting mantra of "being under threat" Take that away and what are you left with? See my point? I think Obama sees it, I know Iran sees it...

MI Chief: Obama Mideast policy threatens Israel

Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin said Monday that the Middle East policy of U.S. President Barack Obama's administration could endanger Israel.

"The Obama administration is determined to take initiative and move forward central processes in the Middle East," Yadlin told ministers at a special cabinet meeting.

"Obama wants to advance the peace process in the direction of realistic discussions with extremist elements," Yadlin said, adding that the struggle between extremist and moderate elements in the region was worsening.
(bullshit!!! It's worsening with Illegal Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians, stealing land, uprooting trees, invading Al Aqsa mosque THREE TIMES THIS WEEK, and the IDF killing people at protests, check this weeks news. Hey Israel, I'm keeping score!)

In a surprising shift, Yadlin also said that the Islamist Hamas movement has been deterred and is now interested in reaching a peace settlement with Israel.
(He is saying this now because Israel is now moving on in their dream of attacking Iran, Obama's policy can end that should the US and Iran develop a relationship, Israel knows this!)

Yadlin added that the struggle between moderates and extremists in the Middle East is intensifying and that the moderate Arab states understand that Iran is a threat to the region.
(Just like I said above, done murdering Palestinians in huge numbers, now they want to bomb Iran. Notice a theme here? Israel is never happy unless it is murdering people!)

"Iran and Hezbollah have an infrastructure of terror around the world with the aim of striking against Israel," Yadlin said. "Hezbollah is restrained and deterred on the northern border because it fears an Israeli reaction during the upcoming elections in Lebanon."
(Hey, forgot to take yur Prozac today? Remember when they invaded Gaza, back then it was "Hamas and Hezbollah, now it's "Iran and Hezbollah" just keeps changing to suit Israels thirst for blood)

Yadlin noted that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is lobbying the U.S. and European countries to force Israel to meet conditions to counter those demanded of the Palestinians by the Quartet. The Palestinian leader is seeking to secure an Israeli recognition of the principle of two states for two peoples, a cessation of settlement expansion, and restoring the security situation to that which was extant prior to September 2000.
(And there you have it folks, the real reason. Israel cannot have peace because it would then become a little "nobody" and would no longer get billions off the American taxpayer!) source

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Michelle said...

Emmanuel Rahm is giving Israel the memo of a two state solution including East Jerusalem...how do you imagine Natenyahu's reaction? It goes against everything he stands for. Not to mention he is a cocky s.o.b. Is there such thing as Israel going directly against the U.S.? Or do you think they will create some sort of "event" to try and move things in another direction or at least put a halt to moving Palestine forward?

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