20 April 2009

SSDD~Settler Cockroaches At It Again & Again

Hebron – Ma’an – Israeli troops and settlers continued their assaults against Palestinians living in Beit Kur, Khirbet Safa and At-Tuwani, all in the vicinity of Hebron, on Monday.

Todays update on the cockroaches below:

Security sources told Ma'an's correspondent in Hebron that ”Israeli bulldozers drifted three donums planted with grapes, lands owned by Shehadeh Abdel Fattah Sabarneh and Wahid Hassan Sabarneh."

The troops also dug up a road aobut 500 meters in length and four meters wide in the Wardan area southeast of Beit Ummar.

The sources added, "The settlers are still assaulting the residents of Khirbet Safa, where they uprooted hundreds of grapes and almonds from lands owned by the Thalgi and Quqas families."

In At-Tuwani, south of Hebron, resident Jamal Rab’y said, "During Passover holidays settlers uprooted our trees and harvested the wheat, while protected by Israeli troops, who closed the area alleging that it is a closed military area.” link
Want to see why they are doing this to Palestinians? They haz a plan, a stupid plan, but they haz a plan, read about their "plan" here