15 April 2009

Turkey "Talks Turkey" on I/P Conflict

I posted this because from a strategic view this article is dead on. The fellow, Robert Lowe, manager and researcher fellow on the Middle Eastern Programme of Chatham House gets it right.

If No Independent Palestinian State – No Peace With Israel

Azerbaijan, Baku,

Despite that the Palestinian-Israeli talks will continue, they will not bring to progress in the peace process if Israel refuses to recognize an independent Palestinian state.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu notified the President of the Palestinian Autonomy (PA) Mahmoud Abbas of the intention to resume the peace process to sign a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, BBC Russian reported.

However, Netanyahu did not confirm support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state that is the basis for all international agreements on the Palestinian-Israeli solution source .

During the election campaign, he stated willingness to negotiate with the Palestinians, but said he considered premature to speak of establishment of a Palestinian state. Instead, he offered the Palestinians to cooperate in improving the economic situation on the West Bank and cease armed resistance of Hamas Movement.

However, Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman rejected the principles of the conflict solution, which were adopted at the conference in Annapolis and include the establishment of a Palestinian state, which is supported by the U.S. Administration and the European Union.

"For progress Israel has to take out the settlements (constructed on the West Bank), restrict the refuges," Robert Lowe, manager and researcher fellow on the Middle Eastern Programme of Chatham House, told Trend News in a telephone conversation. - The current Israeli government is unable to do this.

Abbas's consent to negotiate with the right government of Israel is aimed at weakening the rigid position of Hamas.

Abbas believes if he shows interest in negotiation with Netanyahu he would get the American support and probably the U.S. Administration will exert pressure on Israel, Muhammad Yaghi, commentator of Palestinian Al Ayyam newspaper, said.

However, this approach of the Palestinian leadership won't yield to anything.
"This will only make it easier for the Israeli government to convince the world that the peace process is on track while it continues building new settlements and expanding old ones, and isolating Jerusalem,"
Yaghi told Trend News via e-mail.

Hamas also estimated Abbas's dialogue with Netanyahu as a blow to the establishment of a national Palestinian state, Al Jazeera website reported.

"Netanyahu wants to be sure of the stability of Abbas's government to continue the negotiations - Frisch told Trend News in a telephone conversation. - Abbas has good experience in negotiation strategy, but Israel wants to remove Hamas [from internal policy of PA].

The pressure of the international mediators on the Israelis and Palestinians support the peace process, but this does not lead to progress.

"Palestinians are weaken and Israelis are divided - they need to overcome this for progress in the talks," Lowe said.